Seniors Sample Clauses

Seniors. A seniors group who are registered with the City of Whittlesea. Bond Pre-Authorisation All casual hirers are required to pay a bond via Westpac PayWay during their centre induction. The bond amount will temporarily reduce the available credit on your card for a minimum of 5 business days. Sufficient funds must be on the credit card for the pre-authorisation to process. If a bond is not pre-authorised, keys to the centre will not be issued. Centre Hire Agreement The Centre Hire Agreement must be completed and signed prior to the booking. The person(s) signing the agreement must be over 21 years of age (photo ID may be requested). Where the hirer intends to use the Centre to provide programs/activities for people under the age of 18 years, the hirer shall provide sufficient and competent adult supervision at all times and is responsible for all participants’ behaviour. Insurance and Risk Hirer’s providing external services at their function – e.g. jumping castles, entertainment, must provide evidence on request of public liability insurance for not less than $10 million for the service provider. Council at its sole discretion may also require the hirer to provide: A satisfactory risk management plan Traffic management plan Security plan or any other information it believes is relevant to the hire of the space. Failure to provide the required information may result in the booking being cancelled. Car Parks and Outdoor Areas Hirers wishing to use outdoor areas (including car parks) for activities during your allocated booking time, must contact the Events Approval Officer at or 9217 2122. Once approval has been granted, a copy must be provided to the Facility Co-ordinator. Centre Induction A centre induction informs the hirer of their obligations during their hire regarding building security, emergency procedures and general housekeeping. It is the hirers responsibility to ensure an onsite centre induction is booked with the Facility Coordinator prior to the booking date. Appointments will be made during business hours around existing bookings Monday to Friday 9am to 4.30pm. Please allow a minimum of 30 minutes for your appointment. The person collecting the key and attending the induction will be held responsible for the event during the booking time. Hire Fees Hire fees are due and payable within fourteen days from the date of the booking request. Payment of fees will confirm your booking. To be eligible for the Community rate yo...
Seniors. 1. No student positions a patient until didactic and supervised laboratory experience is completed. Positioning must be satisfactorily done for the supervising instructor.
Seniors. A. Senior Clubs/Organization - Although program activities may vary, the club usually has a specific purpose or focus and an ongoing commitment is expected. May include family support activities.
Seniors. In accordance with Michigan law (MCLA 554.601a), if Tenant has occupied the Premises for more than thirteen (13) months, Tenant may terminate the Agreement by providing sixty (60) days written notice to Landlord if one of the following occurs: (a) Tenant becomes eligible during the Lease Term to take possession of a subsidized rental unit in senior citizen housing, and Tenant provides Landlord with written proof of Tenant's eligibility; (b) Tenant becomes incapable during the Lease Term of living independently, as certified by a physician in a notarized statement. INVENTORY CHECKLIST. Landlord is required by Michigan law (MCLA 554.608) to use inventory checklists both at the beginning and end of Tenant's Lease Term which detail the condition of the Premises for which a security deposit is required. Tenant needs to complete the inventory checklist Landlord provides when Tenant takes possession of the Premises. The inventory checklist will contain the following statement: NOTICE: You should complete the checklist, noting the condition of the Apartment, and return it to us within seven (7) days after you move in. You are also entitled to request and receive a copy of the last termination inventory checklist which shows what claims were chargeable to the last prior Residents. CHANGES IN RULE AND REGULATIONS. In accordance with Michigan Law (MCLA 544.633), Landlord will not change any Community Rules and Regulations without Tenant's written consent, except after 30 days’ notice and in one of the following circumstances: (i) changes required by federal, state or local law or rule or regulation; (ii) changes in rules related to the property that are required to protect the physical health, safety or peaceful enjoyment of tenants and guests; or (iii) changes in the amount of rental payments to cover additional costs in operating the rental premises incurred by us because of increases in property taxes, charges for electricity, heating fuel, water, or sanitary sewer services consumed at the property, or increases in premiums paid for liability, fire, or worker compensation insurance. TRUTH IN RENTING ACT NOTICE. The following notice is required by Michigan law (MCLA 554.634). NOTICE: Michigan law establishes rights and obligations for parties to rental agreements. This agreement is required to comply with the Truth in Renting Act. If you have a question about the interpretation or legality of a provision of this agreement, you may want to seek assistance from a law...
Seniors. 1. A Club shall not play a person who has played for another Club, Association or Metropolitan Club until that person has been transferred in accordance with this By-law. A person who has not played hockey for more than three (3) years does not require a transfer. Transfer conditions do not apply to the South West Strikers who are registered players of the Association
Seniors. Head Coaches in the senior program have responsibility for setting their own Selection procedures.
Seniors. 1. The minimum age for a player wishing to play in senior grades shall be twelve (12) years old as at January 1st, in that current hockey season Clubs wishing to play younger players must apply to the Board of Directors in writing for special dispensation.
Seniors. Graduating Participants do not need to petition to waive the senior residency re- quirement, since this is a recognized program of the University. Participants must fill an “In- tent to Graduate” form and complete all required paperwork with the UNH Registrar’s Office and the UNH Graduation Office by the posted deadline.
Seniors. The population of Newfoundland and Labrador is aging rapidly. As of July 1, 2021, 23 per cent of the provincial population is 65 years of age or older. The province’s median age has gone from five years lower than Canada’s in 1971 to nearly seven years higher than Canada’s in 2021. Rapid aging of the population is a key demographic challenge confronting the province because of its significant implications for the delivery of programs and services. As the number of seniors grows, how government supports low income seniors will evolve, with a continued focus on assisting them to remain healthy and independent. The 2016 census data reports that of the 61,220 senior led households, 11.6 per cent are in core housing need. Seniors represent a significant client group accessing NLHC programs and services including our rental properties (24 per cent), partner-managed community housing (80 per cent), rental assistance benefit programs (57 per cent), and home repair (94 per cent) and home modification programs (90 per cent). It is expected that as the number of seniors in this province increases, so too will the need for affordable and accessible housing options. Options to better serve seniors who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless will also be a key focus of Newfoundland and Labrador’s overall approach to addressing homelessness. NLHC’s social housing expansion efforts will increase the number of accessible and energy efficient units, as well as focus on the creation of units in better proximity to health facilities, public transit, and other key services and amenities of importance to seniors. Expansion of the Canada-NL Housing benefit over this plan will provide additional access to affordable housing options for seniors. Housing affordability challenges for seniors who own their own homes is also a major focus for the Province. With limited or no rental market in many rural communities, NLHC home repair and accessibility modification programs are important housing affordability measures to support low-income seniors’ age-in-place in their homes. Continued investment in these important programs during this plan will enable repairs and modifications on over 1,100 homes.
Seniors. If L.C. SENIORS is interested in future grants, it may apply for them in the same manner and subject to the same terms and conditions as any other grant applicant.