Section 6.05 Sample Clauses

Section 6.05. Money Held in Trust. Money held by the Trustee in trust hereunder need not be segregated from other funds except to the extent required by law. The Trustee shall be under no liability for interest on, or investment of, any money received by it hereunder except as otherwise agreed with and for the sole benefit of the Company. SECTION 606. Compensation and Reimbursement. The Company agrees: (1) to pay to the Trustee from time to time reasonable compensation for all services rendered by it hereunder (which compensation shall not be limited by any provision of law in regard to the compensation of a trustee of an express trust); (2) except as otherwise expressly provided herein, to reimburse each of the Trustee and any predecessor Trustee upon its request for all reasonable expenses, disbursements and advances incurred or made by it in connection with its administration of the trust hereunder (including the reasonable compensation and the expenses and disbursements of its agents and counsel), except to the extent any such expense, disbursement or advance may be attributable to its negligence or bad faith; and (3) to indemnify each of the Trustee and any predecessor Trustee for, and to hold it harmless against, any loss, liability or expense, arising out of or in connection with the acceptance or administration of the trust or trusts or the performance of its duties hereunder, including the costs and expenses of defending itself against any claim or liability in connection with the exercise or performance of any of its powers or duties hereunder except to the extent any such loss, liability or expense may be attributable to its own negligence or bad faith. As security for the performance of the obligations of the Company under this Section, the Trustee shall have a lien prior to the Securities upon all property and funds held or collected by the Trustee as such, except funds held in trust for the payment of principal of (or premium or Make-Whole Amount, if any) or interest on particular Securities or any coupons. The provisions of this Section shall survive the termination of this Indenture. SECTION 607. Corporate Trustee Required; Eligibility; Conflicting Interests. There shall at all times be a Trustee hereunder which shall be eligible to act as Trustee under TIA Section 310(a)(1) and shall have a combined capital and surplus of at least $50,000,000. If such corporation publishes reports of condition at least annually, pursuant to law or the requirements of Fe...
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Section 6.05. Trustee May Enforce Claims Without Possession of Securities. All rights of action and claims under this Indenture or the Securities and Coupons, if any, may be prosecuted and enforced by the Trustee without the possession of any of the Securities or Coupons, if any, or the production thereof in any proceeding relating thereto, and any such proceeding instituted by the Trustee shall be brought in its own name as trustee of an express trust, and any recovery of judgment shall, after provision for the payment of the reasonable compensation, expenses, disbursements and advances of the Trustee, its agents and counsel, be for the ratable benefit of the Holders of the Securities and Coupons, if any, in respect of which such judgment has been recovered. SECTION 606. Application of Money Collected. Any money collected by the Trustee pursuant to this Article shall be applied in the following order, at the date or dates fixed by the Trustee and, in case of the distribution of such money on account of principal (or premium, if any) or interest, upon presentation of the Securities and Coupons, if any, and the notation thereon of the payment if only partially paid and upon surrender thereof if fully paid: FIRST: to the payment of all amounts due the Trustee under Section 707; SECOND: to the payment of the amounts then due and unpaid for principal of (and premium, if any) and interest on the Securities and Coupons, if any, in respect of which or for the benefit of which such money has been collected, ratably, without preference or priority of any kind, according to the amounts due and payable on such Securities and/or Coupons for principal (and premium, if any) and interest, if any, respectively; and THIRD: the balance, if any, to the Person or Persons entitled thereto. SECTION 607. Limitation on Suits. No Holder of Securities of any series shall have any right to institute any proceeding, judicial or otherwise, with respect to this Indenture, or for the appointment of a receiver or trustee, or for any other remedy hereunder, unless
Section 6.05 shall be binding upon and inure solely to the benefit of each of the Parties to this Agreement, and nothing in this Section 6.05, express or implied, shall confer upon any other Person any rights or remedies of any nature whatsoever under or by reason of this Section 6.05. Nothing contained herein, express or implied, shall be construed to establish, amend, or modify any benefit plan, program, agreement, or arrangement. The Parties acknowledge and agree that the terms set forth in this Section 6.05 shall not create any right of any employee or any other Person to any continued employment with the Company Group, Buyer or any of their respective Affiliates or compensation or benefits of any nature or kind whatsoever.
Section 6.05. MAY HOLD SECURITIES. The Trustee, any Authenticating Agent, any Paying Agent, any Security Registrar or any other agent of the Company, in its individual or any other capacity, may become the owner or pledgee of Securities and, subject to Sections 608 and 613, may otherwise deal with the Company with the same rights it would have if it were not Trustee, Authenticating Agent, Paying Agent, Security Registrar or such other agent. SECTION 606. MONEY HELD IN TRUST. Money held by the Trustee in trust hereunder need not be segregated from other funds except to the extent required by law. The Trustee shall be under no liability for interest on any money received by it hereunder except as otherwise agreed with the Company in writing. SECTION 607. COMPENSATION AND REIMBURSEMENT. The Company agrees
Section 6.05 shall survive the consummation of the Merger and is intended to benefit, and shall be enforceable by, the Indemnified Persons and their respective heirs and legal representatives.
Section 6.05. Withheld Taxes); and
Section 6.05 is intended to be for the benefit of, and shall be enforceable by, each of the Indemnified Parties and their respective heirs and legal representatives. The rights provided for herein shall not be deemed exclusive of any other rights to which an Indemnified Party is entitled, whether pursuant to Law, contract or otherwise.