Section 10.8.2 Sample Clauses

Section 10.8.2. 24 In the event an employee secures a position in another classification the employee will be 25 placed on the first year of the longevity schedule and all longevity years in the former position 26 will be forfeited. However, the years of seniority accrued in the former position will be 27 maintained.
Section 10.8.2. 2 Employees shall forfeit the rights to reemployment upon rejection of an offer of 3 reemployment to a position equal in hours, days and classifications to the position from which 4 they are laid off.
Section 10.8.2. 15 Normally, positions opened by the District, including vacancies created by approved leaves of 16 absence of more than thirty (30) days, will be posted within fifteen (15) days of the vacancy.
Section 10.8.2. 8 The District will make every effort to indicate on position postings the medical procedures that 9 the employee will be responsible for when the District has such information in advance. The 10 employee will be trained for such position as indicated in Section 13.3.
Section 10.8.2. 20 If the District reduces hours of an employee during the school year such that the employee will 21 lose eligibility for insurance or retirement, that employee may use seniority to trade positions 22 with the least senior employee whose hours allow such eligibility.
Section 10.8.2. 38 During the first thirty (30) workdays in a new classification, an employee will be on a trial 39 period. During this time, the employee may elect to return to his or her previous position or the 40 District may elect to return the employee based on work performance concerns. Such concerns 41 should be documented and addressed with the employee as soon as possible in order for the 42 employee to correct the concerns.
Section 10.8.2. 13 An employee shall forfeit rights to reemployment as provided in Section 10.9 if the employee 14 does not comply with the requirements of Section 10.10, or if the employee does not respond to 15 the offer of reemployment within five (5) working days and does not report to work within ten 16 (10) working days following the response.
Section 10.8.2. 9 If a driver or transportation assistant is assigned a mid-day, they may take that mid-day with 10 them without penalty when they sign by seniority for a base run with more time without losing 11 their bumping rights unless doing so would result in inefficiency or would increase the expense 12 of transporting children. 13 14 And surprise! More language for Article VII - Moved to 7.7.19
Section 10.8.2. 35 The employee with the earliest hire date shall have preferential rights regarding promotions, 36 new or open assignments, overtime within the work area/building on a rotating basis, hours of 37 work within a position, retention of hours during a restructuring, additional hours at the 38 worksite, shift selection, and layoffs when ability, knowledge, skills, and performance are 39 substantially equal with junior or new employees. Overtime rejected at the work area/building 40 will be distributed by seniority. Employees assigned out of the District Office shall not be 41 eligible for additional hours assigned by other work sites, except in extraordinary or emergency 42 situations. 44 When necessary, ability, knowledge, and skills will be determined by objective assessments. If 45 the District determines that seniority rights should not govern because a junior or new 46 employee possesses ability, knowledge, skills, or performance greater than a senior employee, 47 the District shall, upon request of the by-passed employee, set forth in writing to the employee 48 and the P.S.E. President its reasons why the senior employee was by-passed.