Retrofit Sample Clauses

Retrofit. KMC represents, to the best of its knowledge as of the date of execution of this Agreement, that the Pilot Instruments, when assembled in accordance with Section 5.6, will be capable of being retrofitted once the final PRD and final hardware specifications are approved. Upon Gen-Probe's request and at Gen-Probe's sole option, KMC shall use its best efforts to retrofit any or all Pilot Instruments, on a time and materials basis at KMC's then standard rate, to meet the requirements of the final PRD and final hardware specifications. *** Certain information on this page has been omitted and filed separately with the Commission. Confidential treatment has been requested with respect to the omitted portions.
Retrofit. Compliance, with any minimum mandatory government retrofit standards and inspections required as a condition of closing escrow under any law. IMPACT HAZARD GLAZING ORDINANCE: Approved impact glazing (tempered glass) or approved film shall be installed where required, in accordance with Los Angeles Municipal Code, prior to close of escrow. WATER CONSERVATION: BUYER acknowledges that BUYER has been advised of the City of Los Angeles Water Conservation ordinance wherein it is required to equip all showers with low‑flow showerheads and all water closets with flush‑reduction devices.
Retrofit. Exhibit A, Section IV Multi-Year Annual Copy Subscriptions for [*****] Route Guidance Applications. Table 1 of TL 11 shall be followed by the paragraph below: “Retrofit - [*****]. The License Fee per Copy for Multi-Year Annual Copy Subscriptions for [*****] and [*****] navigation equipped vehicles distributed in the [*****] Territory from [*****] to [*****] (“[*****] Vehicles”), shall be covered by a lump sum fee (“[*****] Lump Sum MapCare Fee”) of $[*****] for up to [*****] Vehicles. For clarity, MapCare is a [*****] subscription [*****]. The [*****] Lump Sum MapCare Fee does not include any distribution fees.”

Related to Retrofit

  • Installation Where installation is required, Contractor shall be responsible for placing and installing the product in the required locations at no additional charge, unless otherwise designated on the Contract or purchase order. Contractor’s authorized product and price list shall clearly and separately identify any additional installation charges. All materials used in the installation shall be of good quality and shall be free of defects that would diminish the appearance of the product or render it structurally or operationally unsound. Installation includes the furnishing of any equipment, rigging, and materials required to install or replace the product in the proper location. Contractor shall protect the site from damage and shall repair damages or injury caused during installation by Contractor or its employees or agents. If any alteration, dismantling, excavation, etc., is required to achieve installation, the Contractor shall promptly restore the structure or site to its original condition. Contractor shall perform installation work so as to cause the least inconvenience and interference with Customers and with proper consideration of others on site. Upon completion of the installation, the location and surrounding area of work shall be left clean and in a neat and unobstructed condition, with everything in satisfactory repair and order.

  • System Upgrades The Connecting Transmission Owner shall procure, construct, install, and own the System Upgrade Facilities and System Deliverability Upgrades described in Attachment 6 of this Agreement. To the extent that design work is necessary in addition to that already accomplished in the Class Year Interconnection Facilities Study for the Interconnection Customer, the Connecting Transmission Owner shall perform or cause to be performed such work. If all the Parties agree, the Interconnection Customer may construct System Upgrade Facilities and System Deliverability Upgrades.

  • Maintenance Scheduling The Transmission Owners shall schedule maintenance of their facilities designated as Transmission Facilities Under ISO Operational Control and schedule any outages (other than forced transmission outages) of said transmission system facilities in accordance with outage schedules approved by the ISO. The Transmission Owners shall comply with maintenance schedules coordinated by the ISO, pursuant to this Agreement, for Transmission Facilities Under ISO Operational Control. Each Transmission Owner shall be responsible for providing notification of maintenance schedules to the ISO for Facilities Requiring ISO Notification.

  • Fabrication Making up data or results and recording or reporting them.

  • Upgrades The Software includes all updates or supplements to the Software and this Section 19 applies to all such updates or supplements, unless the BNPP Entities provide other terms along with the update or supplement.

  • Preventative Maintenance  Perform preventative maintenance work to safeguard against storm damage, such as blading to ensure correct runoff, ditch and culvert cleaning, and waterbar maintenance.

  • SPRINKLER SYSTEM 31. If there shall be a "sprinkler system" in the demised premises for any period during this lease, Tenant shall pay $ per month, for sprinkler supervisory service. If such sprinkler system is damaged by any act or omission of Tenant or its agents, employees, licensees of visitors. Tenant shall restore the system to good working condition at its own expense. If the New York Board of Fire Underwriters, the New York Fire Insurance Exchange, the Insurance Services Office or any governmental authority requires the installation or any alteration to a sprinkler system by reason of Tenant's occupancy or use of the premises, including any alteration necessary to obtain the full allowance for a sprinkler system in the fire insurance rate of Landlord, or for any other reason, Tenant shall make such installation or alteration promptly, and at its own expense. HEAT, ELEVATOR, ETC.

  • Demolition (1) The Grantee must submit one of the following to HUD for approval, as applicable, before demolition activities under the Revitalization Plan may be carried out:

  • Commissioning Functional testing and certification is complete. Forms and documentation which record the certification and performance of building systems, utility systems and equipment are fully executed and posted to the Princeton Collaborative System.

  • Preventive Maintenance 4.1 Preventive Maintenance shall be provided for the routine care and attention necessary to ensure the continued efficient operation of the Equipment, Company will undertake to: