Reprocessing Sample Clauses

Reprocessing. Upon determination of the need to correct the outcome of one or more claims processing transactions, the subsequent attempt to process a single claim or batch of claims.
Reprocessing. Compared with the light-weight EPS, rigid PS is more commonly recycled.Rigid PS is reprocessed into a flake using the standard mechanical recycling process and machinery:• Manual sorting or optical sorting machinery to pre-sort and remove physical contaminants;• Shredders and/or granulators to form a flake;• One or multiple washing tanks;• A mechanical or thermal dryer;After flaking, the flake product may be suitable for:• Direct use in a manufacturing (extrusion) process (i.e. without pelletisation);• An extrusion line for melting, extruding and pelletisation of the flake into a pellet;• Further processing to remove contaminants before extrusion, for example:o Optical sorting;o Density separation, e.g. floatation/sink washing (this may also be used as a washing step); ando Sterilisation (primarily for food-grade processing).It should be noted that further processing to remove contaminants and/or pelletisation may be performed by the reprocessor or by the remanufacturer.To reprocess EPS into a form suitable for remanufacture, the process is as follows:• Granulation into millimetre particles;• Compression into a cold-pressed brick (or ‘briquette’) or melted via a thermal compaction machine into a hot melted lump (a ‘glass-like’ material) to reduce bulk density. Bulk density can be reduced from 20g/L to 200-400g/L; and• The compressed material may be extruded to produce a denser product and pelletised into general purpose polystyrene (GPPS) pellets or may go directly into the manufacturing process.Due to the small quantities of EPS collected in Australia and lack of demand for reprocessed materials, EPS material is generally exported after the compression step30. EPS cannot be remanufactured into new EPS, it is extruded to make specific products such as picture frames.
Reprocessing. Each Party grants its consent to the other Party reprocessing nuclear fuel containing nuclear material subject to this Agreement provided that such reprocessing takes place in accordance with the conditions set out in the Annex [Reprocessing].
Reprocessing. Notwithstanding any authorization or request from a Cardholder, you will not re-enter or reprocess any transaction which has been charged back.
Reprocessing. No reprocessing is to be performed.
Reprocessing. Reprocessing shall be performed according to the current regulatory dossier and reported to Client. Reasons for reprocessing have to be investigated, and the results shall be communicated with Client. Development: Reprocessed batches have to be reported and agreed with the Client.
Reprocessing. Vendor further recognizes and acknowledges that, in conjunction with Division’s efforts to promote the environmentally responsible use of medical devices, a Purchaser or any of its Affiliates may, if applicable, contract with Vendor or a third party to reprocess Products or products comparable to the Products, and such reprocessing shall have no effect on such Purchaser meeting any compliance or purchase requirements for designated Products or any pricing therefor.
Reprocessing. Notwithstanding any authorization or request from the Cardholder or customer, You will not re-enter or reprocess any Card transaction that has been the subject of a Chargeback. In the event that You re-enter or reprocess any Card transaction that was the subject of a Chargeback, You are solely responsible for all claims, causes of action, liabilities, and damages arising out of or relating to that transaction. Further, such action constitutes a breach of this Agreement and may, in the sole discretion of Processor and/or Bank, result in the immediate termination of this Agreement for cause.
Reprocessing. 7.5.1. GW hereby agrees that it will not use any material for NOVARTIS that does not meet specifications after testing.
Reprocessing. Nisso shall not, without the prior written consent of Replidyne, reprocess or “rework” any Drug Substance or components thereof. If Replidyne provides such written consent, such consent to not be unreasonably withheld (provided that it shall be reasonable for Replidyne to withhold such consent for regulatory concerns), Nisso ensure that such reprocess or rework meets the Specifications and cGMPs and is fully validated under all Applicable Laws.