Refinancing Indebtedness Sample Clauses

Refinancing Indebtedness. (11) Indebtedness represented by guarantees by the Company or a Restricted Subsidiary of Indebtedness incurred by the Company or a Restricted Subsidiary so long as the incurrence of such Indebtedness by the Company or any such Restricted Subsidiary is otherwise permitted by the terms of this Indenture;
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Refinancing Indebtedness amend the Credit Agreement to provide for a Refinancing Amendment concept in accordance with clause 2.15 of the Liberty Global Reference Agreement referred to at limb (vi) of that definition to permit, with the consent of the Company and the Facility Agent only, amendments to the Finance Documents, to create new Commitments to be established in exchange for, or to extend, renew, replace, repurchase, retire or refinance, in whole or in part, existing Loans or Commitments provided that if the new Loans under the new Commitments do not rank equal to or junior to the existing Loans or Commitments to be refinanced the principal amount of such new Loans does not exceed the Additional Facilities Cap.
Refinancing Indebtedness. (i) other Indebtedness that is not included in any of the preceding clauses of this Section, is not secured by a Lien, and does not exceed $2,000,000 in the aggregate at any time;
Refinancing Indebtedness. Indebtedness of a Person existing at the time such Person becomes a Restricted Subsidiary or which is secured by a Lien on an asset acquired by the Company or a Restricted Subsidiary (whether or not such Indebtedness is assumed by the acquiring Person) shall be deemed incurred at the time the Person becomes a Restricted Subsidiary or at the time of the asset acquisition, as the case may be.
Refinancing Indebtedness. (6) Hedging Obligations of the Company or any Restricted Subsidiary not for the purpose of speculation;
Refinancing Indebtedness. (xv) the incurrence by a Receivables Subsidiary of Indebtedness in a Qualified Receivables Transaction that is without recourse to the Company or to any Restricted Subsidiary of the Company or their assets (other than such Receivables Subsidiary and its assets), and is not guaranteed by any such Person; provided that any outstanding Indebtedness incurred under this -------- clause (xv) shall reduce the aggregate amount permitted to be incurred under clause (ii) above to the extent set forth therein; and
Refinancing Indebtedness. (16) additional Indebtedness of the Company and its Restricted Subsidiaries in an aggregate principal amount not to exceed $50.0 million at any one time outstanding (which amount may, but need not, be incurred in whole or in part under the Credit Agreement) plus up to an additional amount as contemplated by, and to the extent not incurred under, clause (10) above; provided that any Indebtedness incurred after November 14, 2000 and outstanding under this clause (16) on the Issue Date shall be deemed to be incurred under this clause (16);
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Refinancing Indebtedness. (a) On one or more occasions after the Third Amendment Effective Date, the Company may incur Refinancing Indebtedness.
Refinancing Indebtedness. (a) On one or more occasions after the Effective Date, the Borrowers may obtain, from any Refinancing Lender, any Refinancing Indebtedness.
Refinancing Indebtedness. Any Refinancing by the Borrower or any Restricted Subsidiary of the Borrower of Indebtedness permitted by or incurred in accordance with clause (a), (b), (e), (f), (g), (h), (i), (l), (n), (o) or (p) of Section 9.4, in each case that does not:
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