Referendum Sample Clauses

Referendum. The agreement provides for the right, guaranteed in the National Constitution, for a referendum among Bougainvilleans on Bougainville’s future political status. The choices available in the referendum will include a separate independence for Bougainville. The referendum will be held no sooner than ten years, and in any case no later than fifteen years, after the election of the autonomous Bougainville Government. The actual date of the referendum will be set taking account of standards of good governance and the implementation of the weapons disposal plan. The outcome of the referendum will be subject to ratification (final decision making authority) of the National Parliament.
Referendum. Developer acknowledges that the Adopting Ordinance, which is a legislative land use approval, is potentially subject to referendum. Notwithstanding anything in this Agreement to the contrary, Developer shall not acquire a vested right to any legislative land use approval (or to any amendment thereto): (1) while such approval or amendment is still potentially subject to referendum or (2) in the event that such approval or amendment is reversed by referendum.
Referendum. 4.1 For the purposes of the referendum of October 26th, 2003 in the municipality, a sufficient number of Accu- Vote ES 2000 model electronic ballot boxes will be used.
Referendum. If sponsors of a referendum timely challenge this Agreement and/or any land use regulation enacted specifically in relation to this Agreement in accordance with Utah law, and Master Developer does not rescind the same pursuant to Utah law, Master Developer shall indemnify the City for all costs and attorneysfees incurred by the City arising from the referendum and associated proceedings.
Referendum. The Tribe shall immediately provide Lender with notice of (i) the issuance of or request for of any petition or (ii) Tribal Council request for a referendum under Article XIV of the Tribe’s Constitution, calling for a popular initiative or referendum that may affect the Loan, the Loan Documents, the Gaming Assets, Borrower, Guarantors, or any resolutions of the Tribal Council of the Tribe approving the Loan or execution of the Loan Documents.
Referendum. 3.1 A Referendum will be held by each Keeyask Cree Nation to determine whether its Members support the signing of the JKDA by Chief and Council. Each Referendum will be conducted in accordance with this Article and the Referendum Rules, attached hereto as Appendix A. If there is any inconsistency between the provisions of this Article and the Referendum Rules, the provisions of this Article will prevail.
Referendum. Any decision voted by the Council shall be binding upon the Board of Directors and shall supersede any previous inconsistent action or make invalid any subsequent inconsistent action taken by the Board of Directors, but no such action by the Co-owners shall impair the enforceability of any contract duly authorized or entered into by the Board of Directors pursuant to authority granted in the Act, the Master Deed, or these Bylaws.
Referendum. If a petition signed by twenty percent (20%) or more of the registered electors residing on the Transferred Area or, if no registered electors reside therein, signed by persons owning fifty percent (50%) or more the Transferred Area is filed with the Clerk of the Township within thirty (30) days after the last of the foregoing public hearings having been held, a referendum election shall be held within the Township on whether or not the Agreement should be executed by the Township. The results of such election shall govern the execution of the Agreement by the Township. If no such petition is filed, the Agreement may be executed by the Parties thereto.
Referendum. Subject to the entering into of the Interlocal Agreement described above, the Sports Authority agrees to submit for consideration of the voters at the November 7, 2000 election a ballot proposition designating the Arena as an approved venue project and authorizing the expenditure of the Sports Authority's revenues for its design, development and construction (the "Referendum"); provided no objection has been received from the United States Department of Justice.
Referendum. 14.1. A Referendum may be called at any time, on any matter, if;