Qualify Sample Clauses

Qualify. 9:03 Employees who have qualified under Section 9:01 shall only qualify for General Holiday pay if they have worked five (5) days within thirty (30) days immediately preceding the date of the holiday.
Qualify. 8:08 Any new employee shall be credited with seniority from his first day of employment with the Company after completion of his probationary period. Any new employee who, in the twelve (12) month period from his first day of employment with the Company, is not employed for a greater period than six
Qualify. In order to qualify for pay for a holiday, an employee shall complete her full scheduled shift on each of the working days immediately preceding and following the holiday, unless excused by the Employer or the employee was absent due to:
Qualify. (a) In order to qualify for payment for the above-mentioned holidays, an employee must work her regular working day immediately prior to and her regular working day immediately following the holiday.
Qualify. Qualify as a foreign limited partnership in all other jurisdictions wherein the property now or hereafter owned by Borrower or the business now or hereafter transacted by Borrower makes such qualifications necessary;
Qualify. After EYC has done a preliminary qualification of an EYC opportunity, the EYC Corio Focus Leader shall contact the Corio EYC Alliance Manager. The Corio EYC Alliance Manager will contact the appropriate Corio Personnel to assist the EYC Partner to qualify the opportunity. This qualification process shall include a hosting requirements and feasibility assessment by Corio Operations. Both Corio and EYC understand and agree that as members of the two respective organizations begin to develop relationships, Corio and EYC members will begin to contact each other directly. It is the responsibility of the EYC Corio Focus Leader and the Corio EYC Alliance Manager to build the internal processes to manage communications with their respective organizations and communicate the relevant activities of their respective organizations to the other party.

Related to Qualify

  • Qualified INSTITUTIONAL BUYER STATUS (Please check the box, if applicable) ☐ Subscriber is a “qualified institutional buyer” (as defined in Rule 144A under the Securities Act).

  • REIT Qualification The Company will use its best efforts to continue to meet the requirements for qualification and taxation as a REIT under the Code, subject to any future determination by the Company’s board of directors that it is no longer in the Company’s best interests to qualify as a REIT.

  • Qualification Rights Masterworks will have the right to request that the Company qualify on Form 1-A, or a comparable form, the resale of any Class A shares beneficially owned by Masterworks or any entity administered by Masterworks. There are no limitations or restrictions on the size or frequency of such qualification requests, other than pursuant to applicable law, provided, that all costs associated with any such qualification shall be the responsibility of Masterworks.

  • Qualification The Company is duly qualified to conduct business as a foreign corporation and is in good standing in each jurisdiction wherein the nature of its activities or its properties owned or leased makes such qualification necessary, except where the failure to be so qualified would not have a material adverse effect on the condition (financial or otherwise), properties, assets, liabilities, business operations, results of operations or prospects of the Company taken as a whole (the “Condition of the Company”).

  • Foreign Qualification Prior to the Company’s conducting business in any jurisdiction other than Delaware, the Company Board shall cause the Company to comply, to the extent procedures are available and those matters are reasonably within the control of any person designated as an officer of the Company (the “Officers”), with all requirements necessary to qualify the Company as a foreign limited liability company in that jurisdiction. At the request of the Company Board or any Officer, each Member shall execute, acknowledge, swear to and deliver any or all certificates and other instruments conforming with this Agreement that are necessary or appropriate to qualify, continue and terminate the Company as a foreign limited liability company in all such jurisdictions in which the Company may conduct business.

  • Tax Qualification The Acquiring Portfolio has qualified as a regulated investment company within the meaning of Section 851 of the Code for each of its taxable years; and has satisfied the distribution requirements imposed by Section 852 of the Code for each of its taxable years.

  • Blue Sky Qualification The purchase of Units under this Subscription Agreement is expressly conditioned upon the exemption from qualification of the offer and sale of the Units from applicable federal and state securities laws. The Company shall not be required to qualify this transaction under the securities laws of any jurisdiction and, should qualification be necessary, the Company shall be released from any and all obligations to maintain its offer, and may rescind any sale contracted, in the jurisdiction.

  • Qualification to Transact Business The Company will take all steps necessary to ensure that at all times the Company will validly exist as a Maryland corporation and will be qualified to do business in all jurisdictions in which the conduct of its business requires such qualification and where such qualification is required under local law.

  • Audit qualification The Auditors of the Group qualify the audited annual consolidated financial statements of the Borrower.

  • Section 368 Opinion The Company shall have received a written opinion of Company Tax Counsel, or other nationally recognized tax counsel to the Company, dated as of the Closing Date and substantially in the form set forth in Section 7.3(f) of the Company Disclosure Schedule, to the effect that, on the basis of facts, representations and assumptions set forth or referred to in such opinion, the Merger will qualify as a “reorganization” within the meaning of Section 368(a) of the Code, which opinion will be subject to customary exceptions, assumptions and qualifications. In rendering such opinion, such counsel may rely upon the tax representation letters described in Section 6.17.