Ponds Sample Clauses

Ponds. Owner shall provide and Contractor shall maintain, at its sole expense, any existing silt ponds which are identified by mining permits as necessary for run-off, as well as additional silt ponds and other structures as may be required for Contractor’s performance of the Work hereunder.
Ponds. The Community may contain one or more ponds intended to assist with drainage within the Community that may also offer aesthetically pleasing qualities to the Community. Further, some of the home sites in the Community may have direct views of one or more of such ponds. Since such pond(s) act(s) in conjunction with the drainage system of the Community, the water level of such pond(s) will not be maintained and will be controlled solely by the amount of rain received by the Community and the resulting runoff from such rain events. As a result, during drought or dry conditions, such pond(s) may contain little or no water. None of Meritage, its agents, employees, and subcontractors has made or can make any representation, warranty, or covenant of any kind regarding the water level of the pond(s), the maintenance of the pond(s) or any surrounding areas, or otherwise with respect to such pond(s).
Ponds. Grantor is permitted to reduce the size of the ponds (the location of the ponds are identified in the Baseline Documentation Report), after notice and submission of plans to Grantee.
Ponds. 4.1 No pond is to be constructed on any Littlehampton Town Council allotment site
Ponds. Any pond, lake, or water storage basin constructed on any Lot shall be lined with a material which is non-permeable by water, and must otherwise be constructed in accordance with all applicable local, state and federal control standards.
Ponds. Bottom ash storage ponds are provided for storage of the collected bottom ash. The initial or primary settling pond receives the water from the ash hoppers. This water is then decanted and recycled to the plant for reuse. After the primary ponds are filled, they will be hydraulically dredged to a more permanent long-term storage pond. The primary decanting or settling receiving ponds will be lined; the larger more permanent bottom ash storage pond will be unlined.
Ponds. 1. Grantor reserves the right to construct and maintain one pond no greater than five (5) acres in surface area. The location of the pond shall be approved by Grantee as provided in Article VII. Construction and maintenance of the pond shall be done in accordance with all local, state and federal laws, and shall minimize the impact on adjacent vegetation, and shall not result in sediment runoff into streams. Grantor reserves the right to construct a dock on the pond and use the pond for recreational activities as well as wildlife viewing. Permitted maintenance activities include the right to dredge and prevent noxious plant growth, so long as these maintenance activities are in accordance with all state and local laws.
Ponds. Ponds are to be no bigger than 6’ x 4’ (only one in a plot).
Ponds. 4.1 No pond is to be constructed without written approval from the Council and any such pond is to be adequately and securely guarded.