Playgrounds Sample Clauses

Playgrounds. (h) Information centre for the provision of information for travellers and tourists.
Playgrounds. 6.2.1 HRCE shall have access to Playgrounds on HRCE school grounds at no-cost and without booking.
Playgrounds. 12. No person in a playground shall:
Playgrounds. Do you offer a playground area? Does your playground meet current ASTM/ANSI playground requirements? Is your playground inspectedDailyWeekly  Seasonally? Shuttle Vehicles/Services  Do you provide shuttle or ride services as part of your program/business? Examples would be shuttling people back from a take out, shuttling people from their cars to the entrance, etc.? Are your shuttles on any city, county, state or federal road or highway? Are your shuttle vehicles licensed by the state? Do your shuttle drivers have driver’s licenses? Do your shuttle drivers have commercial driver’s licenses? Do you provide access to your shuttles for disabled guests? Do you charge for your shuttle services? Fitness Walking/Hiking//Running/Rollerblading/Wheeled Skiing/Long Boarding with Push Pole Is the Activity done: Indoors Outdoors Both Seasonal Are hiking/ski poles used? Is there a leader? Yes Volunteer Yes Yes Paid No No Does the leader have first aid training? No Yes What Type: Is the course or route the same or different each time? Different Same Varies Is there a sweep? (Person charged with bringing up the rear?) Yes No Are the courses within EMS range? Meaning does someone have a way to call 911 and can an ambulance get to the scene? Yes No Are participants part of the program because of medical necessity or the orders of a physician, that you are away of? Yes No Are Social Events or Activities part of the program? If so please describe: What have I missed?  If you have some unique feature or activity at your program/business I have not covered or that is not found at any other facility like yours please describe it here. Remember, courts can change their mind on any day about the validity of a release in their state. If you really do something bad or become someone the court dislikes you can still lose. If you really are a jerk or worse the judge and/or jury will figure out a way to make you pay. Your release should be checked each year to make sure it still meets your needs and the changes in the law. Agreement I understand that I have hired Xxxxx X. Xxxx to create a release for your business based on the information I have supplied above. I understand the fee for this work is $2500.00. If you are a non- profit the total for this work will be $2000.00. The work will include the following: • Review of your present release (Please attach) • Creation of a Release(s) for your business • Information on using the release • Information on making the release elect...
Playgrounds. Playgrounds are open spaces designed and equipped for the recreation of children. Playgrounds shall be fenced and may include an open shelter. Playgrounds should be interspersed in residential areas and may be placed within a block. They can also be included within Parks and Greens. They have no minimum or maximum size.
Playgrounds pool, parking and other recreation areas Landlord may give Tenant permission to use a playground, pools and parking or other recreation area. Tenant will use the area at Tenant’s own risk and must pay all fees. Landlord may cancel permission at any time.
Playgrounds. The playground, enclosed and designed for young children, on the open space immediately adjacent to the School (“Playground No. 1”) is designated as Common Area under the control of the Landlord. During time periods when School is not in session, Playground No. 1 shall be open for public use. The additional playground, for use by the general public, located in the northwestern section of the Property (“Playground No. 2”), is designated as Common Area under the control of the Landlord. Playground No. 2 shall be open for public use at all times.
Playgrounds. The PMSA shall provide monthly inspections of all playground equipment and surfaces at the following playground sites: POM: 000 Xxxxx Xxxxxx, 565 Play Area, and 000 Xxxx Xxxxxx. OMC: Building 7693 (Child Development Center) and Building 4283 (Xxxxxx Youth Center). The inspection shall include, at a minimum, checking equipment for loose bolts, jagged edges, foundation problems, frame cracks, damaged links in swing chains, damaged or displaced hard plastic perimeter edging, and loose bolts or screws. The PMSA shall make corrections and adjustments to the equipment at the time of inspection (if necessary). The PMSA shall submit a DMO for any repairs or component replacements.
Playgrounds. Playgrounds within the School Sites/Joint Use Sites should generally be identified at the NSP stage and specific location identified in DP drawings. • Discretion is to be employed by the City of Airdrie and the respective School Jurisdiction for the siting of the creative playground at a School Site or Joint Use Site. • Playground location should be appropriately located away from surrounding public roads, parking lots, utility boxes, and any other area that may be deemed potentially hazardous. Playground location should not constrain recreational activities.