Petition Sample Clauses

Petition. 1. A Petition for an election to decertify the Association may be filed with the Superintendent by a MBU or a teacher organization.
Petition. 1. A petition for an election to decertify the Association may be filed with the Superintendent by an ESP within the unit.
Petition. No petition or other process for winding-up has been presented or threatened against the Seller and there are no circumstances justifying such a petition or other process.
Petition. The Company shall promptly notify (in advance when possible) the Commissioner of any action requiring the consent of the City pursuant to Sections 9.1 or 9.2 hereof or to which this Section 9.3 applies by submitting to DoITT (pursuant to the notice provisions set forth in Section 12.4 hereof) a petition requesting the submission by the Commissioner of such petition to the FCRC and approval thereof by the FCRC or requesting a determination that no such submission and approval is required and its argument why such submission and approval is not required. Each petition shall fully describe the proposed action and shall be accompanied by a justification for the action and, if applicable, the Company's argument as to why such action would not involve a change in Control of the Company, the Facilities or the franchise, and such additional supporting information as the Commissioner and/or the FCRC may reasonably require in order to review and evaluate the proposed action. The Commissioner shall expeditiously review the petition and shall
Petition. (i) At any time, and from time to time, after Authority acquires all or part of the Project Site from the Navy, Developer may petition City under the CFD Act from time to time to establish one or more CFDs within the Sub-Phase. In its petition, Developer may include proposed specifications for the CFD, including Assigned Project Special Tax Rates, Project Special Tax rates, CFD boundaries and any proposed Improvement Areas and tax zones within the CFD (which may include one or more Sub-Phases or Major Phases), the identity of any property to be annexed into the CFD at a later date, the total tax burden that will result from the imposition of the Project Special Taxes (subject to the 2% Limitation for Taxable Residential Units), and other provisions. Developer’s proposed specifications will be based on Developer’s development plans, market analysis, and required preferences, but in all cases will be subject to this Financing Plan, the Funding Goals, and the CFD Goals.
Petition. Beginning November 1st through January 10th, the District will provide job reclassification questionnaires from the Human Resources Department. A unit member or his/her supervisor(s) may petition for a review of position classification through the submission of a “Job Reclassification Questionnaire” to the Human Resources Department and the Association no later than January 10th. The Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources shall determine if there exists justification to conduct a full study of a position. In evaluating the request for review, the Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources shall consider the following:
Petition. The petition for administrative hearing and relief filed by the Department in this case.
Petition. 根据第一优先类申请的要求,审阅及修改客户提供的推荐信草稿。
Petition. The Governor or other authorized of- ficial of any eligible State may request in writing that the Director delegate all or part of his/her authority and re- sponsibility for inspection, enforce- ment and investigation on oil and gas leases on Federal lands within the State and on Indian lands within the State where the affected Indian tribe or Indian allottee has given written permission for such inspection, en- forcement and investigation. Requests by a State for delegation of other ac- tivities may be granted by the Director with the approval of the Secretary.