Permit Conditions Sample Clauses

Permit Conditions. The following Permit condition shall apply to all AFL North East Border League Agreements:
Permit Conditions. Site Access. The Permittee may access and use the Site for 30 days, beginning on July 22, 2021, between the hours of 8AM to 5PM. (“Use Period”).
Permit Conditions. Permits issued under this subsection may include conditions established by Village Engineer in addition to the requirements needed to meet the performance standards in 8.07 or a financial guarantee as provided for in 8.11.
Permit Conditions. The approving authority may attach such conditions to the granting of a stream, wetland or water body permit as are reasonably necessary to carry out this section. To the extent necessary for the regulated activity to take place without adverse impact on the stream, wetland or water body, such conditions may include, without limitation:
Permit Conditions. (a) In order, in part, to provide additional security for the agreements set forth in Article V, the water supply permit for the land acquisition program issued pursuant to paragraph 58 shall be conditioned on the City executing and maintaining valid and enforceable program contracts which include the terms and conditions required by Article V of this Agreement for the following programs: Catskill Watershed Corporation Funding (paragraph 120); SPDES Upgrades (paragraph 121); New Sewage Treatment Infrastructure Facilities (paragraph 122); Septic System Rehabilitations and Replacements (paragraph 124); Stormwater Retrofits (paragraph 125); Sand and Salt Storage Facilities (paragraph 126); WOH Future Stormwater Controls (paragraph 128); Alternate Design Septic Systems (paragraph 129); Public Education (paragraph 131); WOH Economic Development Study (paragraph 134); Catskill Fund for the Future (paragraph 135); Tax Consulting Fund (paragraph 136); Funding of the Watershed Protection and Partnership Council (paragraph 137); Watershed Planning in the Croton System (paragraph 138); Sewage Diversion Feasibility Studies (paragraph 139); EOH Water Quality Investment Program (paragraph 140); Upgrades to Existing WWTPs (paragraph 141); Phosphorus Controls in Cannonsville (paragraph 144); Payment of Costs and Expenses (paragraph 146); Good Neighbor Payments (paragraph 147); and Local Consultation on Land Acquisition (paragraph 148). For purposes of this paragraph, a Valid and Enforceable Program Contract shall mean a contract (i) for which the City has appropriated sufficient funds to allow it to make payments as they become due and owing; (ii) which has been registered pursuant to section 328 of the City Charter; and (iii) which remains in full force and effect and enforceable under applicable law during the term required by this Agreement ("Valid and Enforceable Program Contract"). A failure by the City to comply with the permit condition requiring a Valid and Enforceable Program Contract for a program shall not be a violation of the permit if (i) the City continues to make timely payments for the program in accordance with the terms of this Agreement and the applicable program contract or (ii) the City has properly terminated the contract pursuant to the terms thereof and the City complies with its obligation to continue to fund or complete the subject program. For purposes of this paragraph, a payment to be made by the City shall not be considered made to the exten...
Permit Conditions. This section lists the applicable permit conditions for Blochman Lease. Section A lists the standard administrative conditions. Section B lists ‘generic’ permit conditions, including emission standards, for all equipment in this permit. Section C lists conditions affecting specific equipment. Section D lists non-federally enforceable (i.e., District only) permit conditions. Conditions listed in Sections A, B, and C are enforceable by the USEPA, the District, the State of California and the public. Conditions listed in Section D are enforceable only by the District and the State of California. Where any reference contained in Sections 9.A, 9.B or 9.C refers to any other part of this permit, that part of the permit referred to is federally enforceable. In case of a discrepancy between the wording of a condition and the applicable federal or District rule(s), the wording of the rule shall control. For the purposes of submitting compliance certifications or establishing whether or not a person has violated or is in violation of any standard in this permit, nothing in the permit shall preclude the use, including the exclusive use, of any credible evidence or information, relevant to whether a source would have been in compliance with applicable requirements if the appropriate performance or compliance test had been performed. TABLE OF CONTENTS CONDITION PAGE
Permit Conditions a. Description of draft permit conditions. The conditions of this draft permit have been developed to be consistent with the self-implementing requirements of the 40 CFR Part 503 regulations. The draft permit contains requirements for TWTDS (including POTWs) that land apply municipal sewage sludge, surface dispose municipal sewage sludge, and dispose of municipal sewage sludge in a municipal solid waste landfill.
Permit Conditions. Contractor shall comply with all licensing and permitting requirements necessary to perform the Work as required by this Agreement. Contractor is responsible for fully informing itself of all local and federal Mexican laws, regulations, taxes, permit requirements, etc., applicable to the Work, including but not limited to those conditions set forth in three letters from the Secretaria de Medio Ambiente, Recursos Naturales (SEMARNAT) dated February 26, 1999, September 3, 2001, and April 2, 2002 respectively, attached hereto as Exhibit K.
Permit Conditions. 1. The competent authorities of the Parties exchange an agreed number of blank permits every year. The permit is delivered to the transport operator by the competent authority of the Party or by a body designated by the said authority in the state territory of its residence.
Permit Conditions. In addition to any condition that the Village Administrative Authority may impose as part of its approval of the permit, the permittee shall be subject to the following conditions: