Passenger Sample Clauses

Passenger. THE CARRIER shall be liable for damages resulting from death or bodily injury to a Passenger by the sole reason that the act which caused the death or injury took place on board the aircraft or during boarding or deboarding.
Passenger. The Passenger shall pay the price of the Ticket in compliance with applicable legislation, as well as the policies, terms, and conditions set forth by Volaris, which can be consulted by the Passenger using the Web Site, the Call Center or at Volaris check-in counters inside the Airports. The Passenger has the right to be carried on a specific route and to have his/her baggage transported to its destination, that is, the Passenger’s suitcase containing clothing and cleansing items. Upon contracting the air transportation services, the Passenger shall provide true and accurate information. As a condition to be carried, the Passenger shall provide a current and valid ID, as well as the documents that in accordance with the applicable laws are necessary for its legal admission in Mexico and in foreign countries. The Passenger represents to have knowledge of the terms and conditions of this Agreement, and agrees to periodically consult the Web Site in order to review any modification therein.
Passenger. Occupant of an aircraft not belonging to the aircraft crew.
Passenger. 1.1 Rates of Pay
Passenger. Loss or damage caused by an insured as passenger of a motor vehicle. In the event of property damage to the motor vehicle itself, the Care, custody and control exclusion as described in article 3.1 shall not be invoked.
Passenger any individual who hires or enters a pre-arranged ground transportation provider Vehicle operated by a ground transportation provider’s driver providing services to or from the Airport pursuant to this Permit.
Passenger. In consideration for transportation to/from an event or activity sponsored by the UNE Athletics, Club Sports or any UNE Department by another student, faculty, staff or other employee of UNE, the undersigned passenger (“Passenger”) understands, agrees, represents and covenants as follows:
Passenger. A user in a [test] vehicle who has no role in the operation of that vehicle. (SAE J3016)
Passenger. “Passenger” means any person who is not an employee or agent of Sound Transit, and who is using any Sound Transit Light Rail Transit Facility.
Passenger. The recipient of the air transportation services under the terms and conditions of this agreement. PNR.- The alphanumeric code identifying the contracted national air transportation services which is on the Ticket and/or itinerary Web Site.- xxxxx:// UMA.- in Spanish “Unidad de Medida y Actualización” , an economic reference in pesos to determine the payment of obligations described by federal laws.