Partial Prepayment Sample Clauses

Partial Prepayment. (i) With respect to a Voluntary Prepayment in part of a Series of Notes, the Issuers will be required to deposit with the Indenture Trustee an amount equal to the sum (such amount, the “Partial Redemption Amount”) of (1) the Applicable Paydown Percentage with respect to the then outstanding Aggregate Series Principal Balance, (2) all accrued and unpaid interest (including any Interest Carry-Forward Amount) thereon, (3) all amounts outstanding to the Indenture Trustee, the Property Manager, the Special Servicer and the Back-Up Manager and (4) the required Make Whole Amount, if any, and all such amounts deposited pursuant to clauses (1) through (4) above shall be allocated pro rata among all Series of Notes.
Partial Prepayment. (a) On or after December 1, 2027, the City may prepay the Basic Rent Payments with respect to the Series 2020A Certificates in whole or in part, upon giving written notice to the Trustee at least 30 days before the prepayment date, at the prepayment price equal to 100% of the Principal Portion of Basic Rent being so prepaid plus the Interest Portion of Basic Rent accrued thereon to such Basic Rent Payment Date.
Partial Prepayment. Borrower may prepay the indebtedness evidenced by the Note in whole or in part at any time and from time to time.
Partial Prepayment. If, notwithstanding Section 2.4(a), Administrative Agent permits the Loan to be prepaid in part, Borrower shall pay, in addition to the principal amount prepaid, pro-rated interest on the amount of such prepayment plus any Libor Breakage Amount applicable to such principal being prepaid. Partial prepayments may be made following the expiration of the Lockout Period to the extent permitted under Section 2.17.
Partial Prepayment. Debtor may prepay the indebtedness evidenced by ------------------ the Note in whole or in part at any time and from time to time without premium or penalty.
Partial Prepayment. Borrower shall have the right at any time to voluntarily prepay any portion of the Term Loan, or any portion of the Revolving Loan subject to a Fixed Rate, upon at least three (3) Business Days notice to Lender, without premium or penalty except Borrower shall pay to Lender, a prepayment surcharge calculated in accordance with Section 2.3(c). Unless otherwise approved by Lender, any prepayment of the Term Loan shall be applied pro rata, based on the respective aggregate principal amounts then outstanding, to Term Loan Tranche A and Term Loan Tranche B, and shall not reduce the amount of any installment payments to Lender.
Partial Prepayment. If less than all the Debentures for the time being outstanding are at any time to be prepaid, the Debentures to be so prepaid shall be selected by the Trustee, on direction from the Corporation, on a pro rata basis to the nearest multiple of $1,000 in accordance with the principal amount of the Debentures registered in the name of each holder or in such other manner as the Trustee deems equitable, subject to the approval, if applicable, of the CSE or such other exchange on which the Debentures are then listed, as may be required from time to time. Unless otherwise specifically provided in the terms of the Debentures, no Debenture shall be prepaid in part unless the principal amount prepaid is $1,000 or a multiple thereof. For this purpose, the Trustee may make, and from time to time vary, regulations with respect to the manner in which such Debentures may be drawn for prepayment and regulations so made shall be valid and binding upon all holders of such Debentures notwithstanding that as a result thereof one or more of such Debentures may become subject to prepayment in part only or for cash only. In the event that one or more of such Debentures becomes subject to prepayment in part only, upon surrender of any such Debentures for payment of the Prepayment Price, together with interest accrued to but excluding the Prepayment Date, the Corporation shall execute and the Trustee shall certify and deliver without charge to the holder thereof or upon the holder's order one or more new Debentures for the unredeemed part of the principal amount of the Debenture or Debentures so surrendered or, with respect to a registered Debenture held by a Depository, the Trustee shall make notations on such Debenture of the principal amount thereof so redeemed. Unless the context otherwise requires, the terms "Debenture" or "Debentures" as used in this Article 4 shall be deemed to mean or include any part of the principal amount of any Debenture which in accordance with the foregoing provisions has become subject to prepayment.
Partial Prepayment. Borrowers may prepay the Obligations in part, but not in full, upon three Business Daysprior written notice delivered to the Administrative Agent, subject to Borrowers’ responsibility for any Funding Losses as provided in Section 2.13(b)(ii) in the case of any prepayments of LIBOR Rate Loans; provided, however, that any prepayments (A) shall be in a minimum amount of $250,000 or in an increment of $100,000 in excess thereof, (B) shall be accompanied by the payment of all accrued and unpaid interest on the principal amount of the Term Loans being prepaid to the date of prepayment and (C) shall be accompanied by the Applicable Prepayment Premium owed with respect thereto. All optional prepayments of the Term Loans shall be applied to pay, ratably, the outstanding principal balance of the Term Loans (in the inverse order of the maturity of the installments due thereunder), until the Term Loans are paid in full. Notwithstanding the foregoing to the contrary, Borrowers may not prepay the Term Loans until the “Discharge of First Lien Priority Obligations” (as such term is defined under the Intercreditor Agreement) shall have occurred or unless such prepayment is otherwise (x) consented to by the requisite lenders under the First Lien Agreement, (y) expressly permitted pursuant to the terms of the Intercreditor Agreement or (z) permitted pursuant to Section 2.4(d)(ii) hereof.
Partial Prepayment. The undersigned shall have no right to make a partial prepayment of the outstanding indebtedness during the term of this Note.
Partial Prepayment. After the third anniversary of the Funding Date, Borrower may with the approval of Lender (which approval may be withheld in the sole and absolute discretion of Lender) make a partial prepayment of the Loan; provided that such partial prepayments may not be requested more frequently than quarterly and may not be requested for a principal amount less than $20,000,000. For any such prepayment, Borrower shall provide Lender written notice of such prepayment not later than thirty days prior to the date of such prepayment, and such written notice must state that Borrower desires to prepay the Loan and must provide the date on which such prepayment will be made, if approved by Lender. If such notice is given and the Lender approves such prepayment, Borrower shall, on the prepayment date set forth in such notice, prepay the principal amount of the Loan approved by Lender and all accrued and unpaid interest on such principal amount. No partial payment hereunder shall reduce the amount of any payment required pursuant to Section 2.3.