Outturn Sample Clauses

Outturn. (a) Despite anything else in this Agreement, Viterra may refuse to accept an Outturn request or nomination (or place conditions on acceptance of an Outturn request or nomination) for all or any portion of the Outturn Entitlement if, in Viterra’s reasonable opinion, the Outturn:
Outturn. EMERALD GRAIN will outturn the Commodity in accordance with the Outturn Protocol published on its website. EMERALD GRAIN will, subject to these terms and conditions and considerations of quality, hygiene, safety, efficiency, practicality and its treatment regime, exercise its best endeavours to outturn at the time and in the manner requested by the Warehouser. The Warehouser must use reasonable endeavours to outturn the Outturn Entitlement, in full, before the “Outturn Date”, which is the next 30th September following Receival of the Commodity. Special arrangements or restrictions may apply to outturn from some EMERALD GRAIN sites. Details of these arrangements or restrictions are available at each relevant EMERALD GRAIN site. A minimum 2 (two) working daysnotice applies for Outturn and minimum tonnage requirements (or otherwise charges) may also apply across all EMERALD GRAIN sites. Warehousers may only outturn Commodity on the days and times reasonably specified by EMERALD GRAIN or as varied by EMERALD GRAIN from time to time. Information relating to outturn times and days is available from the Head Office or the Site Manager at all EMERALD GRAIN sites. The Warehouser acknowledges that EMERALD GRAIN must apply treatments to Commodity stored under warehouse in the EMERALD GRAIN system (EMERALD GRAIN does so in accordance with its treatment regime) and that during the course of such treatments, the Commodity will not be available for outturn. It is the responsibility of the Warehouser to ensure Commodity is available for outturn by monitoring the site availability status by contacting the Site Manager at the relevant EMERALD GRAIN site. Outturn charges as outlined in Schedule 2 will be payable by the Warehouser in accordance with these terms and conditions when the Commodity is outturned.
Outturn. 9.1 The Warehouser must give the Storer at least 2-day’s written notice of a request to outturn Commodity (Outturn Request) advising;
Outturn. Any shortage in outturn (unless resulting from a condition described in Force Majeure Clause above), in excess of one-half of one percent (0.5%) in volume shall be for the account of Owner on an evaluation declared by the Charterer at the time of discharging provided that Owner shall not be liable for any shortage in outturn unless a comparison of barge ullage figures at loading port and at discharge port established that a volume loss in excess of one-half of one percent (0.5%) has actually occurred.
Outturn. 9.1 Prior to removing the commodity from storage, the Warehouser must give the Storer not less than 2 (two) working daysprior notice in advance, in writing, as to when the commodity will be removed and the carrier details including contact information.
Outturn. Outturn is fifteen (15) working days after delivery to the Refinery. To signify your agreement to these terms, will you kindly sign below and return it to the undersigned for our records. ALTA GOLD CO. GERALD METALS, INC. By: By: John A. Bielun Robert C. Kaeser Senior Vice President/ Vice President Chief Financial Officer Date:
Outturn. 6.1 POPL undertakes to Outturn Grain in accordance with the POPL Protocols and Rules (a copy of which is attached as Annexure 1), and the Cargo Accumulation Plan.
Outturn. 9.1 To remove the Commodity from storage the Client must give the Storer five (5) business daysnotice in advance, in writing, as to when the Commodity, including quantity, grade, name of transport provider and the estimated time of arrival of the transport service provider. The Storer will confirm acceptance or rejection of order, taking into account Clause 9.2
Outturn. 10.1 The Company shall give Bunge seven (7) Business Days' written notice of a requested Outturn of Stored Grain from a Bunge Facility.