Other Allowances Sample Clauses

Other Allowances. The District shall pay to each teacher appointed by the District to the following positions, the Allowance respectively set forth opposite each such position, namely: Effective September 1, 2009
Other Allowances. 5.11 (a) When an employee reports for work after having been scheduled or notified to report and work within his job description is not available for at least four (4) hours, he shall receive four (4) hours pay, at the standard hourly rate of the job for which he was scheduled or notified to report, plus any out-of-line differential that may apply, subject, however, to the provisions of Paragraph (b) and 5.12 below.
Other Allowances. The employee shall be eligible for mobile phone allowance as per clause 106, 107 and 108 of the Internal Service Rules and Regulations 2017 of the Company. He/she shall also be eligible for road construction site allowance and site mess allowance as per clause 109, 110 and 111 if he/she is placed at sites.
Other Allowances. The Executive shall be entitled to a $750 monthly car allowance, a $750 monthly health plan allowance and a $750 monthly home office allowance.
Other Allowances. Allowance Type Pay Code As at 01/07/18 As at 01/07/1920 Air Fed Respirator Work (incl. Asbestos PPE) GAFR 1.10/hour 1.13/hour Weld/Gas Cut Confined Space GCSP 4.76/hour 4.89/hour Full Face Respirator GFFR 0.41/hour 0.42/hour Repairs in Fuel Tank GFTK 4.76/hour 4.89/hour Cleaning Toilets GPOO 1.08/hour 1.11/hour Sandblasting Work GSBR 5.73/work period 5.89/work period Clearing Sand From Tunnels GSML 7.03/work period 7.22/work period Spray painting tank wagons or silos GSPT 4.76/hour 4.89/hour Cleaning Blocked Sewers GSWR 5.21/work period 5.35/work period Traction Motor Work GTMR 5.21/work period 5.35/work period Working inside Silos GTNK 8.74/work period 8.98/work period Waterblasting Locomotives GWBR 2.84/hour 2.92/hour Meal GMEL # 14.71/shift 15.12/shift Taking Milk Samples GCOW@ 9.80/ sample 10.07/sample # Applies to Scenic Journeys employees only @ Applies to Freight employees only
Other Allowances. On Multiple Extra Premiums: Not applicable On Supplementary Riders: Not applicable On Flat Extra Premiums: When a flat extra premium is payable for 5 years or less, an allowance of 10% of the gross flat extra charged by the Company will be made each year. When a flat extra premium is payable for more than 5 years, an allowance of 100% of the gross flat extra charged by the Company will be made in the first year and an allowance of 10% in each year thereafter.
Other Allowances. No other facilities like DA, accommodation, telephone, medical, PLI etc., would be admissible.