Notice to Customers Sample Clauses

Notice to Customers. Pershing shall, upon the opening of an account pursuant to Paragraph 5 of this Agreement, mail to each customer a copy of the notice to customers required by NYSE Rule 382(c).
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Notice to Customers. Prior to the Closing, Seller may, at its sole cost and expense, notify the Customers that, subject to the conditions to Closing, Buyer will be purchasing the Loans and assuming the Deposits. Within thirty (30) calendar days prior to the Closing Date, Buyer shall, at its sole cost and expense, notify the Customers that, subject to the conditions to Closing, Buyer will be purchasing the Loans and assuming the Deposits. Buyer’s notification letter shall also set forth the details of Buyer’s administration of the Loans to be purchased and the Deposits to be assumed. Seller shall provide Buyer with a list of Customers to whom such notice shall be sent. Each party shall consult with the other as to the substance of its notification letter and shall furnish a copy of such letter to the other prior to sending it. Persons who become Customers subsequent to such notifications and prior to the Closing shall be given a copy of Buyer’s notification letter and Buyer’s notification brochure at the time they become Customers. Seller shall post a notice approved by Buyer at the Branches at least thirty (30) calendar days prior to the Closing to the effect that any Deposits or Loans not assumed by Buyer shall be transferred to another of Seller’s branches. In the event that Buyer determines that it will consolidate one or both of the Branches into existing branches of Buyer, then Seller shall take all reasonable steps to assist Buyer and use reasonable efforts to provide necessary notices to Customers of that Branch, at Buyer’s expense for reasonable costs, to effect such consolidation.
Notice to Customers. Seller agrees to cooperate with Purchaser, at Purchaser’s reasonable request, in the notification to customers of the transactions contemplated by this Agreement and Seller agrees not to notify any customer of such transactions without the consent of Purchaser. Such notification shall be in such form as is reasonably satisfactory to both Purchaser and Seller as agreed to prior to Closing.
Notice to Customers. Seller shall provide written notification, which notification shall be reasonably acceptable to Buyer, in its final xxxx to each customer affected by this Agreement, that Seller is no longer the customer's telecommunications provider and advising the customer of the name, address and telephone number of Buyer. Seller and Buyer shall agree upon appropriate service cut-off dates with respect to the Exchanges.
Notice to Customers. Subject to the requirements of the NASD's Conduct Rules, Correspondent shall provide, or cause to be provided to every Customer upon the opening of a Customer Account, notice of the existence and general terms of this Agreement.
Notice to Customers. A. Buyer and Seller agree to jointly mail or cause to be jointly mailed to each of the Depositors, each holder of a safe deposit box domiciled at the Branch and to such other customers as may be required by applicable law, such notice of contemplated transfer of the Assets and the Liabilities as may be required as a condition of approval by any regulatory authority, or as otherwise may be required by applicable law.
Notice to Customers. Seller agrees, in consultation with Buyer, to promptly notify customers of the Business of the consummation of the transactions contemplated by this Agreement and to reasonably assist Buyer, at Buyer’s expense, in making arrangements with such customers for the payment of the Accounts Receivable in a manner satisfactory to Buyer.
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Notice to Customers. 7.1 GEN-PROBE shall, by means of a label statement applied to each Licensed Kit distributed to a third party, state positively that the Kit comes with only limited field-of-use rights under PHRI Patent Rights, and identifies that field of use, consistent with the terms of the limited grant hereunder, GEN-PROBE shall propose language for this label statement for PHRI’s approval, in view of PHRI’s need to protect its intellectual property rights, approval not to be withheld unreasonably.
Notice to Customers. Samsung shall send a copy of the press release announcing this agreement to each purchaser of a Plastic DRAM stack populated-DIMM from either Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. or Samsung Semiconductor, Inc. or any of their affiliates or subsidiaries since January of 1998 informing them that Staktek is Samsung’s stacking technology of choice, that Samsung has taken a license to Staktek’s Technology, that DIMMs from Samsung include Staktek’s Technology, and directing them to contact Staktek if they choose to do so (providing designated contact information). Samsung shall make an explicit endorsement of Staktek quality and electrical and thermal performance in the press release in form and language acceptable to Samsung. Staktek shall be given a list of all persons to whom the press release was sent, but inadvertent omission or mistake is not a breach of this contract. There shall be no sharing, inquiry or discussion by any party of pricing or terms of any past or pending purchase order.
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