North Sample Clauses

North. Most Northern boundary (RequiredSCAG will accept in Projection Units if a standard projection is used).
North. Ind. Commuter Transp. District x-2 x-2 Oakland Terminal Railway X Peoria and Pekin Union Ry. Co. Port Terminal Railroad Association x Portland Terminal Railroad Co. x Terminal Railroad Assoc. of Louis x-2 The Texas Mexican Ry . Co. x x x x Union Pacific Railroad x x x x Utah Railway Company Wichita Terminal Association x Winston Salem Southbound Railway Company x x NOTES:
North. All the said Flat premises together with the amenities listed and written hereunder in the Schedule-III, together with all rights of easement and common facilities appurtenant thereto.
North. The Employer the Ontario Nurses’ Association as the bargaining agent for all registered nurses employed in a nursing capacity by the Victorian Order of Nurses, North Bay Branch in North Bay, Ontario save and except Supervisor and those above the rank of Supervisor, The Employer (the Porcupine Branch of the Victorian Order of Nurses) the Ontario Nurses’ Association as the bargaining agent for all Registered and Graduate Nurses and Registered Practical Nurses employed by Porcupine Branch, in the city of save and except the Supervisors and persons above the rank of Supervisors.
North. America, a f f i l i a t e d with American Federation o f Labor, the Chicago Federation o f Labor and The I l l i n o i s State Federation o f Labor, the sole c o l le c t iv e Bargaining agency f o r i t s members h e re in a fte r known as the party/ 3 o f the second p a r t . Witness T hat, fo r and in con sid era tion o f the mutual prom ises o f each o th e r , the p a rtie s h e r e to , and th o ir s o le and p referred c o l le c t iv e bargaining agen cies agree as fo l lo w :
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North. Carolina Power shall have the right, upon six (6) months prior written notice, to revise the six (6) Months during which Operator shall not, unless mutually agreed, schedule a Scheduled Outage.
North. Fed by 1-1/4” riser, 1” distribution on floor.