No Auctions Sample Clauses

No Auctions. The Tenant will not permit any sale by auction or any fire sale, bankruptcy sale, moving sale, going-out-of-business sale, or bulk sale to be held upon the Premises or the Land or any part of them.
No Auctions. No tenant shall conduct any auction on the Leased Premises. No tenant shall store goods, wares or merchandise on the Leased Premises, except for such tenant's own personal use.
No Auctions. All sales, if any, of Products through the PMR Service or ----------- the AOL PMR Service will be conducted through a direct sales format; Company will not promote, sell, offer or otherwise distribute any Products through any format other than a direct sales format (e.g., through auctions or clubs) without the prior written consent of AOL.
No Auctions. 22 15.10 Entry for Benefit of Adjoining Premises................................22
No Auctions. The Licensee must not carry out any auctions or fire sales in the Premises.
No Auctions. Tenant shall not, without Landlord’s prior written consent, display or sell merchandise outside the defined exterior walls and permanent doorways of the Premises. Tenant shall not conduct, or permit to be conducted, any sale by auction in, upon or from the Premises, whether such auction is voluntary, involuntary, pursuant to any assignment for the payment of creditors, or pursuant to any bankruptcy or other insolvency proceeding.
No Auctions. The tenant shall not permit any sale by auction nor any fire sale, bankruptcy sale, moving sale, going out of business sale or bulk sale to be held upon the premises or any part thereof, other than annual warehouse sales in the ordinary course of business.
No Auctions. 4.16 Not to permit or suffer any sale by auction to be held within or upon the Demised Premises.