New Terms Sample Clauses

New Terms. As used in this Amendment and in the Loan Agreement, the following terms shall have the following meanings (references in this Section 1.03 to "Section" shall be references to Sections of this Amendment):
New Terms. Appendix II is hereby replaced in its entirety by the following Amended Appendix II. Pursuant to this Amended Appendix II, effective upon OBC’s receipt of the initial twenty thousand US dollar (US$20,000) payment, the running royalty to be paid by TMK on the Net Selling Price of its Licensed Consumer Batteries shall be 2.5% . Amended Appendix II Payment Schedule May, 2009 August, 2009 December, 2009 February 1, 2010*(see Section 2.3) Future Royalty Reductions and Up-front Fees Gross Sales reach $30M/Yr US$200K US$300K 1.5% Gross Sales reach $50M/Yr US$500K US$800K 0.50% Gross Sales reach $75M/Yr US$1M US$1.8M 0.50% Gross Sales reach $150M/Yr US$1.5M US$3.3M 0.50% Gross Sales reach $250M/Yr US$1.7M US$5M 0.50%
New Terms. The following shall be deemed added to Section 1.1 of the Credit Agreement in the appropriate alphabetical order:
New Terms. The following terms shall have the following respective meanings:
New Terms. There shall be added to Section 1.1 of the Credit Agreement a new defined term, "Equity Forward Contract," to read as follows:
New Terms. To confirm those new terms included within the DHA's and the City of Dover's Resolutions (First Amendment Exhibits 1.3 and 1.4):