Membership Certificates Sample Clauses

Membership Certificates. The Company may issue a certificate to the Member to evidence the Interest in the Company. The Member or any manager or officer of the Company authorized by the Member may execute such certificate on behalf of the Company.
Membership Certificates. This LLC shall be authorized to obtain and issue certificates representing or certifying membership interests in this LLC. Each certificate shall show the name of the LLC, the name of the member, and state that the person named is a member of the LLC and is entitled to all the rights granted members of the LLC under the Articles of Organization, Certificate of Formation or a similar organizational document, this operating agreement and provisions of law. Each membership certificate shall be consecutively numbered and signed by one or more officers of this LLC. The certificates shall include any additional information considered appropriate for inclusion by the members on membership certificates. In addition to the above information, all membership certificates shall bear a prominent legend on their face or reverse side stating, summarizing or referring to any transfer restrictions that apply to memberships in this LLC under the Articles of Organization, Certificate of Formation or a similar organizational document and/or this operating agreement, and the address where a member may obtain a copy of these restrictions upon request from this LLC. The records book of this LLC shall contain a list of the names and addresses of all persons to whom certificates have been issued, show the date of issuance of each certificate, and record the date of all cancellations or transfers of membership certificates.
Membership Certificates. “Membership Certificates” in the form determined by the Board may be delivered representing all Interests to which Members are entitled. If issued, such Member Certificates shall be separately numbered, and shall be entered in the books of the Company and on the Membership Register, as they are issued. Each Member Certificate shall state on the face thereof the holder’s name, the Interests and such other matters as may be required by applicable laws. Each such Membership Certificate shall be signed by a Governor of the Company. The signature of the Governor upon the Membership Certificates may be by facsimile. Subject to Section 10, upon surrender to the Company of a Membership Certificate for Interests duly endorsed or accompanied by proper evidence of succession, assignment or authority to Transfer, it shall be the duty of the Company to issue a new Membership Certificate to the person entitled thereto, cancel the old Membership Certificate and record the transaction upon its books and records and the Membership Register. Each member herby agrees that the following legend, as the same may be amended by the Board in its sole discretion, may be placed upon any counterpart of this Agreement, the Articles, or any other document or instrument evidencing ownership of Units: The sale, pledge, hypothecation, assignment or transfer of the ownership interest represented by this CERTIFICATE OF OWNERSHIP is subject to the terms and conditions of the Operating Agreement of Granite Falls Energy, LLC, as amended from time to time. Copies of the Operating Agreement may be obtained upon written request to the Board of Governors of Granite Falls Energy, LLC.
Membership Certificates. The Company shall not issue membership certificates.
Membership Certificates. A Person having or acquiring Shares shall not be issued membership certificates to denominate such Person’s Shares, unless otherwise determined by the Manager. The form of any such certificate shall be as determined by the Manager.
Membership Certificates. A. Ownership of an interest in the Company may be evidenced by the issuance of membership certificate(s) and any such ownership may be freely transferred by the endorsement and delivery of such certificate(s) and any such transferee shall be deemed admitted as a member. Upon submission by an assignee to the Company of an assumption of the transferring member’s obligations to the Company, including those obligations arising hereunder, the assignee shall be deemed to be a member of the Company. The Member hereby authorizes and directs the initial issuance of a one hundred (100%) percent membership interest. Resignation of a member shall be in accordance with the Act.
Membership Certificates. The Company hereby irrevocably elects that all limited liability company interests in the company shall be “securities” within the meaning of, and governed by Article 8 of the Uniform Commercial Code of the State of New York. All limited liability company interests in the Company shall be certificated in the form attached hereto as Exhibit B or such other form as the Member may select. Each certificate evidencing limited liability company interests in the company shall bear the following legend: “All limited liability company interests in the Company shall be “securities” within the meaning of, and governed by Article 8 of the Uniform Commercial Code of the State of New York.” No changes to this provision shall be effective until all outstanding certificates have been surrendered for cancellation and any new certificates hereafter issued shall not bear the foregoing legend. The Company shall maintain books for the purpose of registering the transfer of limited liability company interests.
Membership Certificates. The Company is hereby authorized to issue certificates representing the Units in the Company in accordance with the Act, but is not required to issue such certificates to evidence ownership of Units.
Membership Certificates. A Member’s membership interest in the Company shall be evidenced by one or more certificates.