MAP Sample Clauses

MAP. Borrower shall have delivered to Lender and Lender shall have approved a Final Map or Tentative Map, as applicable, together with evidence reasonably satisfactory to Lender that any such Tentative Map has not expired and is not due to expire during the development of such portion of the Land. Each such map must contain a legal description of the Land, must describe and show all boundaries of and lot lines within such Land and all streets and other dedications, and must contain such other information and certifications as Lender may request.
MAP. 3.4.1 The map in Schedule 3-1 depicts for general information purposes only, Areas A and B, described in Parts 2 and 3.
MAP. As defined in Section 8.1(b).
MAP. Provide a map of any affected property and all property within three hundred feet (300’) showing the present or Intended Use and Density of all such properties.
MAP. The Parties acknowledge that the Development Areas shown with zoning designation on the Master Plan do not have legally specified boundaries because neither of the Parties knows at the time of the execution of this MDA precisely where the roads and other demarcating aspects of the Project will be actually located. The Master Plan establishes rough parameters for the location of the eventual zoning and this Section 5 establishes the processes for locating and establishing those zoning boundaries as the Project develops.
MAP. A map of the Working Block(s) and Land showing the Forest Roads that will be used to harvest the Trees within those Working Block(s) and for the cartage of the harvested produce from the Working Block(s) over the Land. Such map should also delineate those Forest Roads that are existing and those that need to be constructed and/or upgraded for the harvesting of the Working Block(s).
MAP. The following map shows the APZ including most of the Prineville Area from Round Mountain to the east to the National Grasslands on the west.
MAP. Further, the survey shall x) be certified to the Agent and the Title Insurance Company and y) contain a legend reciting as to whether or not the site is located in a flood zone.
MAP. The term ‘‘map’’ means the map entitled ‘‘Devil’s Staircase Wilderness Pro- posal’’ and dated June 15, 2010.