Lock Sample Clauses

Lock out - means the closing of a place of employment, a suspension of work or a refusal by the Company to continue to employ a number of employees, done to compel those employees, or to aid another Employer to compel its employees to agree to terms or conditions of employment.
Lock. In Provisions in Mandatory Counties and New York City All Enrollees in local social service districts where enrollment in managed care is mandatory and in New York City are subject to a twelve (12) month Lock-In period following the Effective Date of Enrollment in the Contractor's plan, with an initial ninety (90) day grace period in which to disenroll from the Contractor's plan without cause, regardless of whether the Enrollee selected or was auto-assigned to the Contractor's plan.
Lock. Keeper A Lock-keeper shall be classified as a shift worker and shall be responsible for the operation of locks, discharge ports, spillway gates, gantry cranes and ancillary equipment required for the storage and discharge of water and the passage of logs and shipping at the dam. Supplementary duties shall include control of traffic through the locks, gauge and meter readings and completion of log sheets, etc. Good housekeeping in the area will be required as operating duties permit. Standard shifts will be used in the case of two-shift operation when the shifts shall be 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Lock. Tenant shall provide at Tenant’s own expense, a lock that Tenant in Tenant’s sole discretion, deems sufficient to control the space. If the space is found unlocked the Owner may, but is not obligated to, take whatever measures Owner deems reasonable to re-lock the space, with or without notice to the Tenant, and charge $25.00 to the Tenant’s account accordingly. The fact that the Owner has taken measures to control access to Tenant’s space shall not alter the limitations of Owner’s liability set forth in this Rental Agreement, nor shall such measures be deemed a conversion of Tenant’s stored property. Tenant is solely responsible for any other person gaining access to the space.
Lock. Up Agreement. The persons listed on Schedule 3.20 attached hereto shall be subject to the terms and provisions of a lock-up agreement in substantially the form as Exhibit E hereto (the "Lock-Up Agreement"), which shall provide the manner in which such persons will sell, transfer or dispose of their shares of Common Stock.
Lock. Long and short positions of the same volume that were opened for the same instrument on the same trading account.
Lock. City shall provide Lessee with a lock for the hangar. The City shall have one key and the Lessee shall have one key. Should Lessee lose the key for the hangar, the Lessee will be responsible for the payment of a fifty dollar ($50.00) fee to replace the lock and key.
Lock. A lock suitable to secure container shall be provided by Tenant at Tenant’s own expense. Lessor shall not receive from Tenant any combinations or keys to such lock.
Lock. Box Processor Agreement for Lock-Box listed on Exhibit F to the Loan Agreement
Lock. In Provisions for Individuals in Long Term Placement in Nursing Homes Individuals in Long Term Placement in nursing homes may change plans at any time regardless of the Lock-In Period.