Interrogatories Sample Clauses

Interrogatories. Interrogatories are limited to 25 (including discrete subparts) by Plaintiffs collectively to each Defendant, and to 25 (including discrete subparts) by Defendants collectively to each Plaintiff. The Parties must serve any objections to interrogatories within 7 business days after the interrogatories are served. Within 3 business days of service of any objections, the Parties must meet and confer to attempt to resolve the objections. The Partiesmust make good-faith efforts to provide complete answers to interrogatories no later than 21 days after service of the interrogatories.
Interrogatories. TikTok will respond under oath to a supplemental interrogatory designed to elicit an explanation of the function and purpose of up to 20 specific terms in the source code that the third-party expert believes in good faith to be potentially related to the collection of biometric data from users. The supplemental interrogatory must be in the following form: “Explain the function and purpose of the following terms in the source code of the App: [list of terms].” The parties will meet and confer as necessary to increase the number of terms that may be the subject of this interrogatory if the third-party expert discovers more than 20 terms that the expert reasonably believes in good faith are potentially related to the collection of biometric data from users.
Interrogatories. A party, the par- ty’s attorney, or the party’s represent- ative may sign the party’s responses to interrogatories. A party must answer each interrogatory separately and com- pletely in writing. If a party objects to an interrogatory, the party must state the objection and the reasons for the objection. An opposing party may use any part or all of a party’s responses to interrogatories at a hearing authorized under this subpart to the extent that the response is relevant, material, and not repetitious.
Interrogatories. Members of the jury, answers to interrogatories will now be read to you. Interrogatories are written questions that have been presented before trial by one party to another. They are answered under oath. You are to consider and weigh these questions and answers as you would any other evidence in the case.
Interrogatories. The total numberof written interrogatories which a party may serve upon another party pursuant to Rule 33 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, in a proceeding, shall not exceed seventy-five, counting subparts. If a party upon which interrogatories have been served believes that the number of interrogatories exceeds the limitation specified in this paragraph, and is not willing to waive this basis for objection, the party shall, within the time for (and instead of) serving answers and specific objections to the interrogatories, serve a general objection on the ground of their excessive number. If the inquiring party, in turn, files a motion to compel discovery, the motion must be accompanied by a copy of the set(s) of the interrogatories which together are said to exceed the limitation, and must otherwise comply with the requirements of paragraph (f) of this section.
Interrogatories. All parties shall deposit, in the depository, verified responses to Special Interrogatories attached as Exhibit “H” to the Complex Case Management Order entered on April 26, 2011 (for Plaintiff) and Exhibit “I” to the Complex Case Management Order entered on April 26, 2011 (for Construction Defendants) accompanied by a “Notice of Compliance,” which shall be served on all parties. All parties making an initial appearance in the case on or before April 6, 2011 shall respond and deposit verified responses on or before May 26, 2011. Parties making an initial appearance after April 6, 2011 shall respond and deposit within thirty (30) days of their initial appearance.
Interrogatories. The number of written interrogatories requested by a party at any one time or cumulatively shall not exceed twenty (20). Each subdivision of an interrogatory shall be construed as a separate interrogatory;
Interrogatories. Information to be included in your response to this RFP-SJR-11-2022 shall include, at a minimum, a detailed response to all the following interrogatory questions. Failure to fully answer all questions/inquiries will cause your RFP submittal to be considered non-responsive. The College evaluation committee will evaluate responsive written proposals submitted using evaluation criteria defined herein and subject to administrative approval, negotiate with the top ranked firm and a mutually agreed to contract.
Interrogatories. Interrogatories are not permitted in connection with this Protocol. 8. Requests for Admission. Requests for admission are not permitted in connection with this Protocol. 2 18-50757-amk Doc 476-5 FILED 05/04/18 ENTERED 05/04/18 20:31:27 Page 25 of 35 Execution Version 9. Third-Party Discovery Pursuant to Subpoena. The Committee and the Debtors may serve third-party discovery pursuant to Fed. R. Civ. P. 45, and shall provide notice of any such third-party discovery to the other Parties. 10.