Installment Sample Clauses

Installment. In the event any purchase of Products by Buyer is deemed or interpreted to be an installment contract, Crosstex’s failure to deliver when due, or nonconformity of, any installment will not substantially impair the value of the overall contract as a whole and will not constitute a breach of contract.
Installment. Value Plastics’ failure to deliver, or nonconformity of, any installment under any installment agreement with, or blanket order from, Buyer shall not be a breach of this entire Contract.
Installment. 5.1 Pursuant to Clause 3.2.1, QIND undertakes to pay Artelliq an average monthly installment of USD 33,333.33 or AED 122,400.00, and/or, where applicable, a daily installment of USD 1,111.11 or AED 4,080.00 for the duration of this Agreement.
Installment a. EMI amount: Rs.
Installment. The second installment described on page 1 of the Agreement is due and payable at least 90 days prior to the date of the Assignment. The second deposit is nonrefundable.
Installment. Within 10 workdays after registration of Buyer as shareholder in the commercial register: [€ ……………….,••] ([ ] Euro) plus interest from Closing
Installment. Norwia AS’s failure to deliver, or nonconformity of, any installment of this Agreement shall not be a breach of the entire Agreement.
Installment. The Installment Date shall commence exactly six (6) months commencing on the Effective Date defined in Section 15 below and shall continue thereafter exactly six (6) months until Maturity Date.
Installment a. EMI amount:
Installment. (a) Licensor shall license to Licensee, and deliver to Licensee for installation by Christie under the Service Contract, a minimum of Two Thousand One Hundred (2,100) up to Two Thousand Three Hundred (2,300) Digital Cinema Projection Systems, with associated Central Servers. Delivery of Digital Systems shall be in accordance with a delivery schedule, specifying delivery dates for all relevant delivery locations, mutually agreed upon between Licensor and Licensee.