Includes Sample Clauses

Includes. The word “includes” and its syntactical variants mean “includes, but is not limited to” and corresponding syntactical variants. The rule ejusdem generis may not be invoked to restrict or limit the scope of the general term or phrase followed or preceded by an enumeration of particular examples.
Includes. The verb "to include", in all its forms, tenses, and variations, is always used in the nonexclusive sense.
Includes a) All regular, probationary, part-time and temporary employees whose functions are included in the classifications paid from Salary Schedules 01, 02, 04, 05, 07, 08, 09, and 18; and
Includes. Includes" (and equivalents "included" or "including") and "such as," are illustrative and not intended to be limiting.
Includes. The word "includes" (in all its tenses and variations) is always used in the non-exclusive sense. As a result, the words "including" or "includes" can always be read as if followed by the phrase, "but [is] not limited to" or the phrase, "without limitation".
Includes. Whenever used in this Agreement, the wordsincluding”, “includes” or “include” and similar terms of inclusion shall not, unless expressly modified by the words “only” or “solely”, be construed as terms of limitation, but rather be construed as though they were followed by the words “but not limited to” or “without limiting the generality of the foregoing”, so that references to included matters shall be regarded as illustrative without being either characterizing or exhaustive.
Includes. The word “includes” in any form is not a word of limitation;