Inaccuracy Sample Clauses

Inaccuracy. Inaccuracy of a device exceeding the permissible tolerances shall require correction of previous recordings, and computations made on the basis of those recordings, to zero error with respect to any period which is definitely known or agreed upon by the Parties as well as adjustment of the device. All invoices issued during such period shall be amended accordingly to reflect such correction, and an adjustment in payment shall be made between Customer and SABINE. If the period of error is neither known nor agreed upon, and there is no evidence as to the duration of such period of error, corrections shall be made and invoices amended for each receipt of LNG made during the last half of the period since the date of the most recent calibration of the inaccurate device. However, the provisions of this Paragraph 3 shall not be applied to require the modification of any invoice that has become final pursuant to Section 11.7.
Inaccuracy. Upon any calibration, if it is determined that the accuracy envelope of such Meter(s) is found to be lower than ninety-five percent (95%) or higher than one hundred five percent (105%) expressed as a percentage of the full scale of the Meter(s), or Meter(s) fail to perform to AWWA water metering standards (whichever is more restrictive), then the registration of the flow as determined by such defective Meter(s) shall be corrected for a period extending back to the time such inaccuracy began, if such time is ascertainable; or, if such time is not ascertainable, then for a period extending back one-half (1/2) of the time elapsed since the date of the last calibration, but in no event further back than a period of six (6) months. In the event it is determined that there are inaccuracies with any Meter, Arlington shall debit or credit Kennedale’s invoice in the subsequent month, as appropriate, to reflect Kennedale’s prior overpayments or underpayments. Arlington shall debit or credit Kennedale’s account in an amount equal to the difference between the amount actually paid by Kennedale and the amount that should have been paid by Kennedale, as determined by the corrected registration of the flow of the inaccurate Meter during the period of inaccuracy as determined in this subsection. Payment adjustments for inaccurate flow measurements will be applied to volume charges only. The Meter(s) will be properly sealed, and the seals shall not be broken unless representatives of both Kennedale and Arlington have been notified and given a reasonable opportunity to be present.
Inaccuracy. Within 30 days after receipt of CTH’s notice under this audit provision, CONSOL shall notify CTH if CONSOL disputes the results of the audit. CONSOL’s failure to notify CTH of such dispute within such time period shall be deemed to be agreement with the audit results. If CONSOL timely notifies CTH that it disputes the audit results, then each of CONSOL and CTH shall designate a representative, and, not later than 10 Business Days from such selection, such representatives shall meet in an effort to resolve such disputed audit results. Such representatives shall attempt to agree on a resolution of such dispute within 10 Business Days from meeting. Upon such deadline, if no consensual resolution has been reached, either Party may cause such dispute to be submitted to arbitration in accordance with Section 2.9. This Section 2.8 shall survive the expiration or termination of this Agreement for a period of 24 months.
Inaccuracy. If after a payment has been made pursuant to a Statement or this Agreement which was undisputed at the time of payment it is determined that the amount paid did not accurately reflect the payment which should have been made in accordance with this Agreement, the necessary adjustment will be made on the next Statement after such determination and interest at the Default Rate less [THIS PARAGRAPH CONTAINS CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION WHICH HAS BEEN OMITTED, BUT FILED SEPARATELY WITH THE SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION.] per annum will be payable on the amount of the adjustment, from (and including) the date when such amount was paid or should have been paid, as the case may be, to (but excluding) the date of payment of the adjustment.
Inaccuracy. If a Meter is determined to be inaccurate and such inaccuracy exceeds industry standard tolerance allowances or as defined by the CPUC for electric Meters and if the date that such inaccuracy commenced is known, then all invoices since the date on which such inaccuracies began shall be corrected. If it is unknown when the Meter inaccuracy commenced, then the invoices covering the period of time since the last Meter test shall be adjusted for the amount of the inaccuracy on the assumption that the inaccuracy persisted during the full period. Adjustments which benefit the Judicial Council shall be reflected on the next invoice following the date of determination of the inaccuracy. Adjustments which benefit Licensee shall be included on Licensee’s next invoice to the Judicial Council.
Inaccuracy. (a) Inaccuracy of a device exceeding the permissible tolerances shall require correction of previous recordings, and computations made on the basis of those recordings, to zero error with respect to any period which is definitely known or agreed upon by the Parties as well as adjustment of the device.
Inaccuracy. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, unless such amounts shall be due upon the occurrence of an actual or deemed entry of an order for relief with respect to a Borrower or Additional Borrower under the Bankruptcy Code (or any comparable event under non-U.S. Debtor Relief Laws), (i) any additional amounts required to be paid pursuant the immediate preceding paragraph shall not be due and payable until a written demand is made for such payment by the Administrative Agent in accordance with such paragraph, (ii) any nonpayment of such additional amounts prior to or upon such demand for payment by Administrative Agent shall not constitute a Default (whether retroactively or otherwise) and (iii) none of such additional amounts shall be deemed overdue prior to such a demand or shall accrue interest at the applicable default rate specified in Section 2.7 prior to such a demand.
Inaccuracy. The incorrectness in any material respect of any of the representations and warranties contained in this Article III shall constitute an immediate Event of Default.