In this section Sample Clauses

In this section. Based on your review, indicate if the NPSA Holder’s performance was fully satisfactory or not fully satisfactory. Provide more detailed comments on the NPSA Holder’s performance. Include clarifications, as needed, on your responses above. Mention any special achievements, impact, examples of exceptional work, or, on the contrary, examples of performance below expected standards. Overall assessment and comments Manager (select one): Fully Satisfactory Not fully satisfactory Manager Comments:
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In this section. Commonwealth includes (without limitation) the following
In this section. Reflect on the performance review questions below; select your responses from the options provided. Assess the NPSA Holder’s proficiency in the competencies; select your responses from the options provided. Detailed information on the competency proficiency levels and indicators linked to position grades can be found here.
In this section applicable provision means a provision of Subdivision 1 or Subdivision 2; terminated arbitration arrangement means a relevant arbitration arrangement terminated under section 10(2).
In this section fisheries sensitive watershedmeans an area identified in Schedule 2 of this regulation (a) that is continued under Section 180(f) of the Act and significant watershed sensitivity continued under Section 180(g) of the Act, and (b) for which there is no fisheries sensitive watershed objective.”
In this section loss includes (without limiting the definition of that term in section 7(1)) a loss of, or reduction in, revenue or funding that would otherwise have been received by the State from the Commonwealth; non-WA right
In this section permissionmeans permission under and for the purposes of subsection (3).18. Security officer may give direction etc. to persons on designated area(1) A security officer may —
In this section the Agreement means the agreement a copy of which is set out in Schedule 1 — Agreement