Hydrants Sample Clauses

Hydrants. 9. Drainage Outfalls
Hydrants. Hydrants shall be installed in accordance with the District’s standard details. The hydrant tee and the hydrant base shall be appropriately braced. Trenching for hydrant and branch shall be done in accordance with Section 3 herein. All appurtenant piping and jointing shall be done in accordance with Section 4 herein.
Hydrants. F. Fire hose boxes, complete with hoses, nozzles and tools;
Hydrants b. Tools
Hydrants. The City owns and operates a water system and it is agreed that the City is in the best position to provide hydrant testing. The City will test hydrants in accord with relevant standards. Title Rate/Fee/Charge Fire Marshal Plan Review Fee 40% of Building Permit Fee Fire Sprinkler System Residential (1-2 family dwelling units) —1 hour minimum plan review $284.00 for first 10 heads plus $1.07 for each additional head plus plan review fee at $85/hour Commercial — 2 hour minimum plan review $284.00 for first 10 heads plus $1.07 for each additional head plus plan review fee at $85/hour Fire Alarm Residential (1-2 family dwelling units) $284.00 plus $1.55 per device Commercial / Multi Family $574.00 plus $1.55 per device Tenant Improvement, Alteration, or Remodel $477.00 plus $1.55 per device Fire Suppression (other than Sprinklers) Includes hood and duct and alternative fire- extinguishing systems $284.00 plus plan review fee at $101/hour (2 hr. minimum) Re-inspection Fee $101/hour Other Inspections and Fees Inspections outside of normal business hours (3 hours minimum) $111/hour minimum $333 Inspection for which no fee is specifically indicated 1 hour minimum) $101/hour Additional plan review required by changes, additions or revisions to plans after 2 reviews. (1 hour minimum) $101/hour Fire & Life Safety Inspection (annual) 0-5000 SF – $154 5001- 7,500 SF - $216 7501-12,000 - $309 12,001-15,000 - $436 15,000 + - $680 Site Plan $284 Developer Agreement $284 Pre-Application/Construction $284 Short Plat $101 Alteration/amendment of Short Plat (0-4 lots) $101 Subdivision $284 Alteration/amendment of Subdivision (5+ lots) $284 Fees to be adjusted annually by the annual rate of inflation as based on the Seattle CPI-U, June to June. East Pierce Fire & Rescue Contract for Fire Prevention Services – 02/05/2018
Hydrants. F. Fire hose boxes, complete with hoses, nozzles and tools; G. Fixed water monitors; H. Remotely operated water monitors; I. Fixed water spray systems; J. High expansion fixed foam systems; K. Fixed dry chemical extinguishing systems; L. Fixed automatic water sprinkler systems; M. Clean agent systems for control and power distribution equipment; N. Indoor hydrants and hose reels; O. Passive fire protection systems; P. Portable water monitors;
Hydrants h. Street cutting;
Hydrants. The Cities shall consult with Pine River with respect to the number and location of fire hydrants in the Township service areas. The Cities shall determine the location of hydrants based upon a generally recognized standard. Pine River shall pay or cause to be paid the cost of acquisition and installation of such hydrants. Hydrants in service areas shall be installed in accordance with Alma or St. Louis’s specification. For all hydrants now and hereafter located in one of the Pine River service areas, the Township shall pay either Alma or St. Louis an annual charge per hydrant equal to that City’s hydrant rental fee. Such hydrants may only be used for fire protection unless prior written permission for a different use is obtained from Alma or St. Louis. Pine River agrees to reimburse Alma or St. Louis for all reasonable costs associated with the installation of fire hydrants in service areas, when work is performed by Alma or St. Louis, on a time and materials basis. Replacement of hydrants located in the service areas that are damaged shall also be on a time and materials basis. Alma and St. Louis shall invoice the Township for these costs which shall include a detail of the time and materials charges.

Related to Hydrants

Toilets Special attention shall be given to bottoms and floors on and around urinals and commodes for elimination of odors and stains and to provide a uniformly clean appearance throughout.
Fences Except for establishment cost incurred by NRCS and replacement cost not due to the Landowner’s negligence or malfeasance, all other costs involved in maintenance of fences and similar facilities to exclude livestock shall be the responsibility of the Landowner.
Irrigation The City shall provide water to the Premises for the purpose of irrigating the facility. The City specifically reserves the right to restrict water usage under this Agreement if water restrictions are placed on other water users within the City. Prior to the start of the season, City will provide charge up and run through the automatic irrigation systems to check for proper operation. City will provide Lessee with a radio for remote operation of the irrigation system, which Lessee shall use for the day to day maintenance, repair, and monitoring of the irrigation system. If the radio is lost, stolen, broken, or is rendered unusable, Lessee shall pay $1500 for the replacement radio. City is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the following irrigation elements, to the extent applicable: curb stops, backflow prevention devices, backflow enclosures, main line pipings, electric control valves, and controllers. Lessee shall notify Parks Division Water managers by email if any of these irrigation elements are malfunctioning or broken.
Sprinklers The sprinkler system originally installed by Owner in the demised premises was installed and will be maintained by Owner in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations, and anything elsewhere in this lease to the contrary notwithstanding, if any bureau, department or official of the federal, state or local government recommend or require the installation of a sprinkler system or that any changes, modifications, alterations, or additional sprinkler heads or other equipment be made or supplied in an existing sprinkler system by reason of Tenant’s business, or the location of partitions, trade fixtures, or other contents of the demised premises, or for any other reason due to Tenant’s operations, or if any such sprinkler system installations, modifications, alterations, additional sprinkler heads or other such equipment, become necessary to prevent the imposition of a penalty or charge against the full allowance for a sprinkler system in the fire insurance rate set by any said Exchange or by any fire insurance company, Tenant shall, at Tenant’s expense, promptly make such sprinkler system installations, changes, modifications, alterations, and supply additional sprinkler heads or other equipment as required whether the work involved shall be structural or non-structural in nature. However, if during the final year of the initial term of this lease, or, if Tenant extends the term of this lease as provided herein, during the final two (2) years of any extension thereof, as the case may be, Tenant shall be required to perform any work under this Article, Tenant shall not be required to pay the cost thereof in an amount greater than a fraction of such cost, the numerator of which shall equal the number of days remaining in the term and the denominator of which shall equal 365.
Sidewalks Tenant agrees not to use, or permit to be used, the sidewalk adjacent to, or any other space outside, for any undertaking other than what has been approved by Landlord.
Lighting A system of fixtures providing or controlling the light sources used on or near the airport or within the airport buildings. The field lighting includes all luminous signals, markers, floodlights, and illuminating devices used on or near the airport or to aid in the operation of aircraft landing at, taking off from, or taxiing on the airport surface.
Cockpit (a) Fairing panels shall be free of stains and cracks, will be clean secure and repainted as necessary;
Sprinkler System 29.01 If there shall be a “sprinkler system” in the Premises for any period during this Lease, Tenant shall pay a reasonable charge per month, for sprinkler supervisory service. If such sprinkler system is damaged by any act or omission of Tenant or its agents, employees, licensees or visitors, Tenant shall restore the system to good working condition at its own expense. If the New York Board of Fire Underwriters, the New York Fire Insurance Exchange, the Insurance Services Office, or any governmental authority requires the installation of, or any alteration to a sprinkler system by reason of Tenant’s particular manner of occupancy or use of the Premises, including any alteration necessary to obtain the full allowance for a sprinkler system in the fire insurance rate of Landlord, or for any other reason, Tenant shall make such installation or alteration promptly, and at its own expense.
Lavatories Cleaning and janitorial services to be provided in the common area lavatories of the building shall include:
Elevators Provide passenger elevator service.