Hire Sample Clauses

Hire. 2.1 The Owner agrees to hire to the Hirer and the Hirer agrees to hire from the Owner the Equipment for the Hire Period at the Rentals subject to the terms and conditions set out herein.
Hire. 2.1 The Hirer and the Elders agree that the terms defined in clauses 1.1 to 1.8 above have the meanings defined therein when used in this Agreement, in the Standard Conditions and any Special Conditions.
Hire. The Owner shall let, and the Hirer shall take on hire, the equipment specified in the Agreement to Hire from the Commencement Date specified in the Agreement until the Return Date specified in the Agreement (the "period of hire").
Hire. 2.1 The Owner agrees to hire Equipment to the Hirer under this agreement. The Hirer must complete and sign a Hire Schedule and such other documents as the Owner may require. Each Hire Schedule is not a separate contract but forms a part of this hire agreement between the Owner and the Hirer, together with any facility applications, guarantee or other contractual documents. The Owner may decline to hire Equipment in its discretion.
Hire. The Hirer offers to take the Equipment on hire on the terms of this Agreement to the exclusion of any and all other terms and this Agreement becomes operative on its acceptance by the Owner or delivery of the Equipment to the Hirer – whichever is first to occur.
Hire. 2.1 In consideration of the Hire Charges described in Clause 1.6 above and subject to the Hirers obligations under clause 2.2 below the Elders permit the Hirer to use the Premises described in clause 1.2 above until the End Date described in cause 1.4 above for the Purpose described in clause 1.5 above during the Hire Period/s described in clause 1.3 above.
Hire. (a) In consideration of the Owners' agreement to charter the Vessel to the Charterers pursuant to the terms hereof, the Charterers agree to pay to the Owners on each and every Hire Payment Date throughout the Charter Period, the Hire due and payable as of each such Hire Payment Date in accordance with the terms of this Charter, save that the Hire for the first Hire Period shall either be:
Hire. Subject to clause 3.1(b) and 4.2(a), the Hall agrees to hire the Hall Premises to the Hirer between the Agreed Times on the Function Date on the terms of this agreement in consideration for the payment by the Hirer to the Hall of the Hiring Fee.
Hire. (a) The Charterers shall pay to the Owners for the hire of the Vessel at the rate indicated in Box 21 commencing on and from the date and hour of her delivery to the Charterers. Hire to continue until the date and hour when the Vessel is redelivered by the Charterers to her Owners.