Franchisor Sample Clauses

Franchisor. The Franchise from the Franchisor is, and at Closing will be, valid and in full force and effect, and Contributor is not and will not be in default with respect thereto (with or without the giving of any required notice and/or lapse of time), except to the extent that the assignment thereof at Closing would constitute an event of default. Acquiror shall be responsible, at its sole cost and expense, for obtaining a new Franchise Agreement, if any, or a permissive assignment of the Franchise, if any.
Franchisor. A franchisor is a refiner or distributor who authorizes or permits. under a franchise. a retailer or distributor to use a trademark in connection with the sat . e. consignment. or distribution of motor fuel. Marketing premises. Marketing premises are the premises which, under a franchise. are to be employed by the franchisee in connection with the sale. consignment. or distribution of motor fuel. Leased Marketing premises. Leased marketing premises are marketing premises owned, leased, or in any way controlled by a franchisor and which the franchisee is authorized or permitted. under the franchise. to employ in connection with the sale. consignment. or distribution of motor fuel. Fail to renew and nonrenewal. The terms "fail to renew" and "nonrenewal" refer to a failure to reinstate, continue, or extend a franchise relationship (1) at the conclusion of the term, or on the expiration date, stated in the relevant franchise, (2) at any time, in the case of the relevant which does not state a term of duration or an expiration date, or (3) following a termination (on or after June 19, 1978) of the relevant franchise which was entered into prior to June 19, 1978 and has not been renewed after such date.
Franchisor. A person that licenses or franchises its hotel brand to hotel owners or operators, including the Borrower, the REIT (as to Borrower and the REIT only with respect to the Initial Borrowing Base Properties, as applicable) or a Subsidiary Guarantor.
Franchisor. The term “Franchisor” shall mean .
Franchisor. Franchisor" shall mean Integrated Health Services Franchising Co., Inc., a Delaware corporation, with principal offices at 00000 Xxx Xxx Xxxxxxxxx, Xxxxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxxxxx 00000, which is a Subsidiary of IHS.
Franchisor. A “franchisor” is a refiner or distributor who authorizes or permits, under a franchise, a retailer or distributor to use a trademark in connection with the sale, consignment or distribution of motor fuel.
Franchisor agrees not to permit the location of any other Your Dollar Store With More Store within one mile from a location within an enclosed shopping center, and two miles from other locations, including a location in a strip mall or in line facing a street or outdoor walkway. The exceptions to the foregoing are that Franchisor may: (i) develop and implement Multi-Area Marketing Programs wherever they may reach, and (ii) Franchisor may acquire, merge with, or be acquired by competitors wherever located. Franchisor and Franchisee may solicit customers anywhere, except that Franchisee must comply with Franchisor's Multi-Area Marketing Programs in doing so. Outside of the one or two mile protected area from Franchisee's Store, Franchisor may establish other franchise-owned or Franchisor or affiliate-owned stores that may compete with Franchisee's Store. 2.
Franchisor. “Franchisor” shall mean Holiday Hospitality Franchising, Inc.
Franchisor. 9.1 Purchaser shall use commercially reasonable efforts to cause Franchisor to waive its objections to the use of laminates on the mill work in the guest rooms of the Hotel. If Franchisor will not agree to waive its objections to the use of laminates on the millwork, Purchaser shall be responsible for any costs and expenses to take any corrective actions required by Franchisor regarding the laminates on the millwork; provided, however, that Purchaser shall be entitled to use up to One Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000) in funds from the Warranty Holdback to pay for such work. Purchaser acknowledges and agrees that Seller shall not be required to take any corrective action regarding the use of laminates on the millwork notwithstanding the requirements of the Design Criteria and the Property Improvement Plan.
Franchisor. The term "Franchisor" shall be defined as BMW North America.