FPA Sample Clauses

FPA. If the partner breaches any of its obligations under Articles 13.1.2 or 13.2.2, the specific grant may be reduced (see Article 49 FPA). Such breaches may also lead to any of the other measures described in Section 5 of Chapter 3 of the Framework Partnership Agreement.] [OPTION 2: Not applicable] ARTICLE 13a — SUPPORT TO OR IMPLEMENTATION OF TRANS-NATIONAL PROJECTS Not applicable
FPA i Please declare all eligible costs, even if they exceed the amounts indicated in the estimated budget (see Annex 2). Only amounts that were declared in your individual financial statements can be taken into account lateron, in order to replace other costs that are found to be ineligible. See Article 5 SGA for the eligibility conditions
FPA. {final grant amount (see Article 10 of the Framework Partnership Agreement) minus {pre-financing payment (if any) made}}. At the payment of the balance, the amount retained for the Guarantee Fund (see above) will be released and: - if the balance is positive: the amount released will be paid in full to the KIC LE together with the amount due as the balance; - if the balance is negative (payment of the balance taking the form of recovery): it will be deducted from the amount released (see Article 50 FPA). If the resulting amount: - is positive, it will be paid to the KIC LE - is negative, it will be recovered. The amount to be paid may however be offset — without the KIC Partner's consent — against any other amount owed by a KIC Partner to the EIT, up to the maximum EIT contribution indicated, for that KIC Partner, in the estimated budget (see Annex 2).
FPA. It is not a “public utility” under the FPA, and does not have any non- passive ownership interests in any entity that owns or controls electricity generation or transmission facilities in the U.S.
FPA. As of the Execution Date and prior to receiving MBR Authority, the Project Company is not subject to regulation as a “public utility” under the FPA. As of the date on which FERC issues an order granting the Project Company MBR Authority, Project Company will be subject to regulation as a “public utility” under the FPA.
FPA. Its costs are estimated in Annex 2 but: - will not be reimbursed and - will not be taken into account for the calculation of the specific grant (see Articles 4 and 17 SGA and Article 10 FPA). Articles 4, 5, 8 to 13, 16.6 SGA and Articles 29a and 46 of the FPA do not apply to the partner. Articles 32.4, 33.2, 34.1 [OPTION: (with the exception of additional exploitation obligations)], 34.2, 36.3, 37.5 FPA do not apply to results generated without EU funds. The partner will not be subject to financial checks, reviews and audits under Article 28 FPA for its own costs.
FPA. If any obligation under Article 9.1.2 is breached, the specific grant may be reduced (see Article 32