Foreclosure Sample Clauses

Foreclosure. In the event that the Trust obtains, through foreclosure on a Mortgage or otherwise, the right to receive title to a Mortgaged Property, the Special Servicer, as its agent, shall direct the appropriate party to deliver title to the REO Property to the Trustee or its nominee. The Special Servicer may consult with counsel to determine when an Acquisition Date shall be deemed to occur under the REMIC Provisions with respect to the Mortgaged Property, the expense of such consultation being treated as a Servicing Advance related to the foreclosure, subject to the provisions of Section 4.4 hereof. The Special Servicer, on behalf of the Trust (and the holder of the related B Note if in connection with an A/B Mortgage Loan and the holder of the related Serviced Companion Mortgage Loan if in connection with a Loan Pair), shall sell the REO Property expeditiously, but in any event within the time period, and subject to the conditions, set forth in Section 9.15. Subject to Section 9.15, the Special Servicer shall manage, conserve, protect and operate the REO Property for the holders of beneficial interests in the Trust (and the holder of the related B Note if in connection with an A/B Mortgage Loan and the holder of the related Serviced Companion Mortgage Loan if in connection with a Loan Pair) solely for the purpose of its prompt disposition and sale.
Foreclosure. If a Default shall have occurred and be continuing, Collateral Agent shall be entitled to proceed to foreclose this Mortgage in the manner provided by law for the foreclosure of mortgages, and to cause the sale of all or any portion of the Property for cash or upon such terms and conditions as Collateral Agent may deem expedient, under the judgment or decree of a court or courts of competent jurisdiction in order to pay the Indebtedness secured hereby and accrued interest thereon and insurance premiums, liens, assessments, taxes and charges, including utility charges, if any, with accrued interest therein, and all expenses of sale and of all proceedings in connection therewith, including reasonable attorneys’ fees. In the event of any such foreclosure sale, Mortgagor shall be deemed a tenant holding over and shall forthwith deliver possession to the purchaser or purchasers at such sale or be summarily dispossessed according to provisions of law applicable to tenants holding over. If a Default shall have occurred and be continuing, to the extent permitted under applicable law, Collateral Agent shall be entitled, and is hereby granted the power, to foreclose this Mortgage by non-judicial means. If Collateral Agent elects to foreclose this Mortgage by such means, Collateral Agent shall be authorized, at its option, whether or not possession of the Property is taken, after giving notice by publication once a week for three (3) consecutive weeks of the time, place and terms of each such sale, together with a description of the Property, by publication in a newspaper published in the county or counties wherein the Property or any part thereof is located, to sell the Property (or such part or parts thereof as Collateral Agent may from time to time elect to sell) in front of such county’s main or front courthouse door, at public outcry, to the highest bidder for cash. At any foreclosure sale, any part or all of the Property, real, personal or mixed, may be offered for sale in parcels or en masse for one total price, the proceeds of any such sale en masse to be accounted for in one account without distinction between the items included therein or without assigning to them any proportion of such proceeds, Mortgagor hereby waiving the application of any doctrine of marshalling or like proceeding. In case Collateral Agent, in the exercise of the power of sale herein given, elects to sell all or any portion of the Property in parts or parcels, sales thereof may be held...
Foreclosure. Enforce any security interest or lien given or provided for under this Agreement or under any security agreement, mortgage, deed of trust or other document, in such manner and such order, as to all or any part of the properties subject to such security interest or lien, as the Bank, in its sole judgment, deems to be necessary or appropriate and the Borrower hereby waives any and all rights, obligations or defenses now or hereafter established by law relating to the foregoing. In the enforcement of its security interest or lien, the Bank is authorized to enter upon the premises where any Collateral is located and take possession of the Collateral or any part thereof, together with the Borrower's records pertaining thereto, or the Bank may require the Borrower to assemble the Collateral and records pertaining thereto and make such Collateral and records available to the Bank at a place designated by the Bank. The Bank may sell the Collateral or any portions thereof, together with all additions, accessions and accessories thereto, giving only such notices and following only such procedures as are required by law, at either a public or private sale, or both, with or without having the Collateral present at the time of the sale, which sale shall be on such terms and conditions and conducted in such manner as the Bank determines in its sole judgment to be commercially reasonable. Any deficiency which exists after the disposition or liquidation of the Collateral shall be a continuing liability of the Borrower to the Bank and shall be immediately paid by the Borrower to the Bank.
Foreclosure. Beneficiary may institute any one or more actions of foreclosure against all or any part of the Property, or take such other action at law, equity or by contract for the enforcement of this Deed of Trust and realization on the security herein or elsewhere provided for, as the law may allow, and may proceed therein to final judgment and execution for the entire unpaid balance of the Liabilities. The unpaid balance of any judgment shall bear interest at the greater of (a) the statutory rate provided for judgments, or (b) the rate borne by the Securities. Without limiting the foregoing, Beneficiary may cause the foreclosure of this Deed of Trust and exercise its rights as a secured party for all or any portion of the Liabilities which are then due and payable, subject to the continuing lien of this Deed of Trust for the balance not then due and payable. In case of any sale of the Property by judicial proceedings, the Property may be sold in one parcel or in such parcels, manner or order as Beneficiary in its sole discretion may elect. Grantor, for itself and anyone claiming by, through or under it, hereby agrees that Beneficiary shall in no manner, in law or in equity, be limited, except as herein provided, in the exercise of its rights in the Property or in any other security hereunder or otherwise appertaining to the Liabilities or any other obligation secured by this Deed of Trust, whether by any statute, rule or precedent which may otherwise require said security to be marshalled in any manner and Grantor, for itself and others as aforesaid, hereby expressly waives and releases any right to or benefit thereof. The failure to make any tenant a defendant to a foreclosure proceeding shall not be asserted by Grantor as a defense in any proceeding instituted by Beneficiary to collect the Liabilities or any deficiency remaining unpaid after the foreclosure sale of the Property.
Foreclosure. (a) The Servicer shall use its best efforts, consistent with the Servicing Standard, to foreclose upon or otherwise comparably convert the ownership of properties securing such of the Mortgage Loans as come into and continue in default and as to which no satisfactory arrangements can be made for collection of delinquent payments or for other disposition of such Mortgage Loan. The Servicer shall be responsible for all costs and expenses incurred by it in any such proceedings; provided, however, that such costs and expenses will be recoverable as Servicing Advances by the Servicer. The foregoing is subject to the provision that, in any case in which Mortgaged Property shall have suffered damage that is not covered by a hazard insurance policy or other insurance policy, the Servicer shall not be required to expend its own funds toward the restoration of such property unless it shall determine in its discretion that such restoration will increase the proceeds of liquidation of the related Mortgage Loan after reimbursement to itself for such expenses and that such expenses will be recoverable to it through Liquidation Proceeds, Insurance Proceeds or otherwise. Any sale of a defaulted Mortgage Loan by the Servicer on behalf of the Owner shall be effected in the reasonable judgment of the Servicer to maximize Liquidation Proceeds. As an alternative to foreclosure, the Servicer may sell a defaulted Mortgage Loan if the Servicer determines that such a sale is likely to increase the amount of Liquidation Proceeds, and any such sale of a defaulted Mortgage Loan by the Servicer shall be effected in a manner expected, in the reasonable judgment of the Servicer, to maximize Liquidation Proceeds.
Foreclosure. Immediately commence an action to foreclose this Mortgage or to specifically enforce its provisions with respect to any of the Debt, pursuant to the statutes in such case made and provided, and sell the Property or cause the Property to be sold in accordance with the requirements and procedures provided by said statutes in a single parcel or in several parcels at the option of Lender. In the event foreclosure proceedings are instituted by Lender, all expenses incident to such proceedings, including, but not limited to, reasonable attorneysfees and costs, shall be paid by Borrower and secured by this Mortgage and by all of the other Loan Documents securing all or any part of the Debt. The Debt and all other obligations secured by this Mortgage, including, without limitation, interest at the Default Interest Rate any prepayment charge, fee or premium required to be paid under the Note in order to prepay principal (to the extent permitted by applicable law), reasonable attorneys’ fees and any other amounts due and unpaid to Lender under the Loan Documents, may be bid by Lender in the event of a foreclosure sale hereunder. In the event of a judicial sale pursuant to a foreclosure decree, it is understood and agreed that Lender or its assigns may become the purchaser of the Property or any part thereof.
Foreclosure. Immediately commence an action to foreclose this Mortgage or to specifically enforce its provisions or any of the indebtedness secured hereby pursuant to the statutes in such case made and provided and sell the Property or cause the Property to be sold in accordance with the requirements and procedures provided by said statutes in a single parcel or in several parcels at the option of Mortgagee.
Foreclosure. The Purchaser may sell, lease, license or otherwise dispose of or transfer any or all of the Collateral or any part thereof in one or more parcels at public sale or in private sale or transaction, on any exchange or market or at the Purchaser’s offices or on any Grantor’s premises or at any other location, for cash, on credit or for future delivery, and may enter into all contracts necessary or appropriate in connection therewith, without any notice whatsoever unless required by law. Where permitted by law, the Purchaser may be the purchaser at any such sale and in such event, the Purchaser may bid part or all of the Secured Obligations owing to it without necessity of any cash payment on account of the purchase price, even though any other purchaser at such sale is required to bid a purchase price payable in cash. Each Grantor agrees that at least ten (10) calendar days’ written notice to such Grantor of the time and place of any public sale of Collateral owned by it (or, to the extent such Grantor is entitled by law to notice thereof, the public sale of any other Collateral), or the time after which any private sale of Collateral owned by it (or, to the extent such Grantor is entitled by law to notice thereof, the private sale of any other Collateral) is to be made, shall be commercially reasonable. For purposes of such notice, to the fullest extent permitted by law (i) each Grantor waives notice of any sale of Collateral owned by any other Grantor and (ii) each Grantor agrees that notice given to the Seller shall constitute notice given to such Grantor. The giving of notice of any such sale or other disposition shall not obligate the Purchaser to proceed with the sale or disposition, and any such sale or disposition may be postponed or adjourned from time to time, without further notice.
Foreclosure. (a) The Administrative Agent may foreclose on the Collateral in any manner permitted by the courts of or in the State of New York or the jurisdiction in which any Collateral is located. If the Administrative Agent should institute a suit for the collection of the Secured Obligations and for the foreclosure of this Agreement, the Administrative Agent may at any time before the entry of a final judgment dismiss the same, and take any other action permitted by this Agreement.
Foreclosure. Institute a foreclosure action in accordance with the law of the State, or take any other action as may be allowed, at law or in equity, for the enforcement of the Loan Documents and realization on the Property or any other security afforded by the Loan Documents. In the case of a judicial proceeding, Lender may proceed to final judgment and execution for the amount of the Secured Indebtedness owed as of the date of the judgment, together with all costs of suit, reasonable attorneys’ fees and interest on the judgment at the maximum rate permitted by law from the date of the judgment until paid. If Lender is the purchaser at the foreclosure sale of the Property, the foreclosure sale price shall be applied against the total amount due Lender; and/or