FOB Sample Clauses

FOB. The MATERIAL shall be shipped FOB Supplier's location ( or such other Supplier's location as may be designated by Supplier). Company shall select the carrier(s) and provide the name(s) of the carrier(s) and Company's account number(s) with said carriers to Supplier within thirty (30) days of execution of this Agreement.
FOB. Owner will supply Entry Access on only one Fob, to open the gate into the Storage Lot, which the Occupant will retain. Occupant agrees not to duplicate the Fob by any means. Occupant agrees that a $25 replacement fee will apply, in the event of a lost Fob, regardless of the cause of the loss. Owner will terminate Access on entry Fob, of Occupant on termination of this Agreement.
FOB. When used herein shall mean that Motorola shall deliver to Customer's carrier at a manufacturing site or Motorola facility located within the Continental United States.
FOB. Unless stated otherwise, the price for goods is FOB: Destination (APSdesignated address).
FOB for example, f.o.b. Laredo, Tex., or f.o.b. California) means that the produce quoted or sold is to be placed free on board the boat, car, or other agency of the through land transpor- tation at shipping point, in suitable shipping condition (see definitions of ‘‘suitable shipping condition,’’ para- graphs (j) and (k) of this section), and that the buyer assumes all risk of dam- age and delay in transit not caused by the seller irrespective of how the ship- ment is billed. The buyer shall have the right of inspection at destination before the goods are paid for to deter- mine if the produce shipped complied with the terms of the contract at time of shipment, subject to the provisions covering suitable shipping condition.
FOB. Subject to any agreed upon Flexible Delivery Arrangements, FLEXIBLE DELIVERY ARRANGEMENTS, FOB shall be Supplier's factory of manufacture, freight charges to be paid at the same time as the invoice for Products is paid, unless otherwise mutually agreed upon in writing by the Parties.
FOB. Unless stated otherwise, the price for goods is FOB: Destination (RISD’s designated address).