Firefighting Sample Clauses

Firefighting. Any incident upon arrival that is a Working Structural and/or Vehicle Fire, a Petroleum Based Fire, or Brush, Grassland or Rubbish Fire requires the action or process of extinguishing fires by Entities GOOD INTENT CALLS – Any emergency incident response where fire personnel were summoned, but were not required to take any action (investigation, standby, or there was no actual incident). Response to this type of call must come through a dispatch point.
Firefighting. If in spite of all preventive measures fire breaks out on the yacht, you should proceed as follows:All persons who cannot actively fight the fire, must go on deck either via the companionway, orif a fire starts in the galley or engine compartment through the escape hatch over the forward berth
Firefighting. 7. Hot air balloon or blimp operations. 8. Cargo flights 9. Carrier Services.
Firefighting. The firefighting system on board must be ready for use at all times.
Firefighting. The firefighting spray system and smoke sensor in the office area are installed as open office design concept.
Firefighting. Your primary concern should be the safe evacuation of your guests. Only tackle the blaze if it is safe for you to do so and you are trained and competent in the use of the equipment. Do NOT put your personal safety, or that of others, at risk.Ensure you select the right fire extinguisher. There is an identification panel next to each piece of equipment.• Water filled fire extinguishers are safe to use on wood, paper and fabric fires. Do NOT use on electrical fires.• C02 fire extinguishers are suitable for use on electrical equipment or flammable liquid fires such as solvents.Follow the instructions given on the fire extinguisher, aiming the discharge at the base of the fire.If an individual is on fire, wrap in the fire blanket to completely smother the flames.
Firefighting. To keep the Premises supplied and equipped with all ------------ fire fighting and extinguishing appliances from time to time required by law or required by the insurers of the Premises or reasonably required by the Landlord such appliances being kept open to inspection and properly maintained and not to obstruct or permit or suffer to be obstructed the access to or means of working such appliances or the means of escape from the Premises in case of fire