FINANCING THE PROJECT. 4.1. The total eligible costs of the Project are estimated at [INSERT AMOUNT IN WORDS] EURO (EUR [INSERT AMOUNT] as set out in the Budget.
FINANCING THE PROJECT. 3.1 The total Project budget is estimated at maximum …....... EUR (amount in words), as set out in the Annex I to the Contract.
FINANCING THE PROJECT. 3.1 The total eligible funds of the Project for which the AITEX on behalf of Worth Project grant is awarded is estimated at Euro 10.000,00.
FINANCING THE PROJECT. 4.1 The total eligible costs of the Project are estimated at ………EUR, as set out in Annex I.
FINANCING THE PROJECT. III.1 Programme Operator provides non-refundable grant for the project’s eligible expenditures up to a maximum of … Euros. The maximum amount of the grant can reach 100 % of the eligible expenditures of the project.
FINANCING THE PROJECT. The Parties anticipate that various sources of public assistance and conventional construction and permanent financing will be necessary to fund development and construction of the Project. CADA will work to identify those potential sources of funding for the Project. Possible sources include a California Tax Credit Allocation Committee award of 4% Low Income Housing Tax Credits, tax-exempt bonds, Sacramento Housing Redevelopment Authority ("SHRA") funds, and other sources as may be available from time-to-time to fund the construction of the Project. The Parties agree to work in good faith to identify and agree upon the financing mechanisms for the Project.
FINANCING THE PROJECT. The SRA was established to facilitate the development of the NAS to the benefit of the Host Communities, by serving as the local redevelopment authority authorized to accept the property conveyed from the Navy, by overseeing and providing a uniform and expedited local permitting and entitlement process, and by providing project funding mechanisms to be used in conjunction with the project funding provided by the Master Developer. In exchange for these benefits and services the Master Developer will receive, the Master Developer is expected to pay certain fees related to funding the SRA, in accordance with the terms to be agreed upon herein and as set forth ultimately in the DDA. One of the goals of the ENA is to allow the SRA and the Developer to mutually agree to certain present and future financial terms of the DDA which is expected to include certain fees to be paid by the Developer to assure the continuance of the SRA to function, security deposits for such fees to continue the operations for a minimum amount of time through periods of instability, and for the major infrastructure components to be funded during any construction allowed prior to completion of the major infrastructure. Infrastructure financing through the SRA would be expected to be funded through assessments on property and any construction requested prior to the execution of a DDA will need to be separately negotiated for contribution to these expected future Infrastructure costs.
FINANCING THE PROJECT. The Borrower is entering into this Agreement to obtain the Loan and receive the proceeds thereof to provide for a portion of the funds for financing and refinancing (including reimbursement to the Borrower) of the Qualified Project Costs relating to the acquisition, construction, renovation and equipping of the Project and Issuance Costs related to the issuance of the Series 2015 Note. The Borrower shall bear the risk of loss with respect to any loss or claim relating to the Project (or any portion thereof) and neither the Noteholder nor the Issuer shall assume any such liability or risk of loss. The Borrower covenants and agrees to pay or cause to be paid such amounts as may be necessary to pay the Costs of acquisition, construction, renovation and equipping of the Project to the extent that the proceeds of the Loan are insufficient to pay such costs.
FINANCING THE PROJECT. 4.1 The amount of the CDLD Grant Agreement is (Rupees) in words (Rupees) only. The CDLD Grant is subject to the availability of yearly-allocated district funds.
FINANCING THE PROJECT. The Developer agrees to advance all costs of design, construction and installation of the Project. All such funds so advanced shall be subject to reimbursement as a Reimbursable Development Project Cost solely as provided for in this Agreement.