Fiduciaries Sample Clauses

Fiduciaries. The following persons are Fiduciaries under the Plan.
Fiduciaries. If a party is designated or nominated as attorney-in-fact, guardian, conservator, executor, trustee, or other fiduciary in an instrument signed after the date of this Agree­ment, the designated party shall act under the provisions of such document or an order of the court.
Fiduciaries. The fiduciaries shall have only those specific powers, duties, responsibilities and obligations as are specifically given them under this Plan. The Company shall have the sole responsibility for making the contributions required by the provisions of ARTICLE IV, shall have the sole authority to appoint and remove the Trustees, members of the Administrative Committee, and to amend or terminate, in whole or in part, this Plan and Trust. 7.2
Fiduciaries. Whenever any trust or estate is acting as a Member under this Agreement, any obligation or liability created hereunder shall bind only the assets of such trust or estate. No such obligation or liability shall be personally binding upon, nor shall resort be had to, nor recourse or satisfaction sought from, any individual or entity, or the property of any individual or entity, at any time acting as a fiduciary of any such trust or estate, whether the claim giving rise to such obligation or liability is based on contract, tort or otherwise.
Fiduciaries. (A) The following persons are Fiduciaries under the Plan.
Fiduciaries. Section 501. Trustee's Acceptance and Responsibilities. The Trustee hereby accepts the trusts imposed upon it by this Indenture, and agrees to perform said trusts, but only upon and subject to the following express terms and conditions:
Fiduciaries should conduct the appropriate due diligence regarding valuation methodology and performance calculation processes and business and operational risk management systems employed by a private pool, including the extent of independent audit evaluation of such processes and systems.
Fiduciaries. The named fiduciaries, who shall be the Employer, the ESOP Committee and the Trustee, and other parties designated as fiduciaries by such named fiduciaries in accordance with the powers herein provided, but only with respect to the specific responsibilities of each for Plan and Trust administration as set forth herein.