Expired Sample Clauses

Expired. (iv) The college faculty shall formulate rules to add committee members from outside the academic unit to either committee if there are fewer than five eligible bargaining unit faculty in the academic unit to form the committee. These rules shall be included in the procedures of the college or school.
Expired. E. If the dean approves the bargaining unit faculty’s recommendation, he/she shall transmit the bargaining unit faculty’s recommendation and his/her recommendation to the Senior Vice President and Provost. If the dean does not support the bargaining unit faculty’s recommendation, the dean shall meet with the academic unit to discuss his/her concerns. In the absence of a subsequent agreement with the academic unit, the search will be considered failed.
Expired. C. A search committee shall be utilized regarding the permanent appointment of department chairs; department chairs are selected and shall hold office as follows:
Expired. 1. The reappointment committee shall be composed exclusively of all the tenured members of the academic unit who have completed at least one year of service at the University of Akron.
Expired. 2. The academic unit chair shall notify all candidates eligible for reappointment no later than Friday of the first week after the date of the initial appointment beginning either fall or spring semester.
Expired. Upon the ratification of this Agreement, a bargaining unit faculty member who is promoted in academic rank shall receive an increase to his or her annual base salary on the effective date of the promotion, as follows: 12-15-2009 Promotion to associate professor: $3,000. Promotion to professor: $4,000. Promotion to distinguished professor: $6,000. Effective July 1, 2007, an additional $500 will be added to each of the aforementioned promotional increases.
Expired. 12-15-2009
Expired. The merit raise mi for an individual bargaining unit faculty member will be determined as follows: