Excess Amounts Sample Clauses

Excess Amounts. After payment in full of any tranche of Notes, any amount remaining on deposit in the applicable Interest Funding sub-Account will be first, allocated among and deposited to the Interest Funding sub-Account of the tranches of Notes in the manner, order and priority set forth in Section 3.03(b), second, allocated among and deposited to the Principal Funding sub-Account of the tranches of Notes in the manner, order and priority set forth in Section 3.11(b), and third, paid to the Issuer. If the aggregate amount available for withdrawal from an Interest Funding sub-Account for any tranche of Notes is less than all withdrawals required to be made from that Interest Funding sub-Account for that tranche in a month, then the amounts on deposit will be withdrawn and, if payable to more than one Person, applied pro rata based on the amounts of the withdrawals required to be made.
Excess Amounts. On any Payment Date, to the extent the sum of the amount on deposit in the Reserve Account plus the amount available under any Letter of Credit exceeds the Required Reserve Amount on any Payment Date, the amount of such excess may be released from the Reserve Account and paid to the Class R Interest on such Payment Date.
Excess Amounts. After all of the Benefits have been paid in full, the Trust shall terminate and, after the payment of any unpaid expenses, the assets of the Trust Fund (if any) shall be transferred to the Company.
Excess Amounts. After payment in full of any Tranche of Notes pursuant to clauses (1) through (4) of this Section 3.05, as applicable, any amounts remaining on deposit in the applicable Principal Funding Subaccount will be withdrawn from such Principal Funding Subaccount and the aggregate amount of such withdrawals shall be distributed to the Beneficiary (as defined in the Trust Agreement) in accordance with Section 4.01 of the Trust Agreement.
Excess Amounts. At such time as all interest due on the Notes through and including January 1, 2000 has been paid to the Holders thereof pursuant to the Indenture and in accordance herewith, the Escrow Agent shall disburse all remaining funds in the Interest Escrow Account to the Company.
Excess Amounts. The Agent shall monitor the Outstanding Guarantee Amounts not less than monthly. If at any time and from time to time by reason of fluctuations in the currency conversion rates or interest rates the Agent reasonably considers that the aggregate of all Outstanding Guarantee Amounts of Bank Guarantees then in issue and the other Outstandings as at the date of determination exceed the Commitments, the Agent shall notify the Borrowers and require the Borrowers to pay an amount equal to the excess certified by the Agent to the Cash Collateral Accounts and/or prepay the Outstandings by an amount equal to the excess within two (2) Banking Days of the Agent's notice whereupon the Borrowers shall be liable to make such payment within such period. The Borrowers shall be entitled to the release of amounts paid to the Cash Collateral Accounts under this Clause from time to time provided no Event of Default has occurred and is continuing to the extent that the Commitments as reduced or suspended pursuant to Clause 9.3 and/or any other relevant provisions of this Agreement at the time of the Borrowers' request then exceed the Outstandings expressed in Dollars. In determining the Outstanding Guarantee Amounts for the purposes of this Clause the Agent shall in relation to interest by reference to which each Issuing Bank's liability under the outstanding Bank Guarantees may be calculated take into account only such amounts as have accrued to form part of such Issuing Bank's liability under the relevant Bank Guarantees at the time the Agent's determination is made.
Excess Amounts. Any amounts received by Burdale from or for the account of the Company in excess of the amounts then due and payable by the Company will be dealt with in accordance with the terms of Clause 6 and the Debenture.
Excess Amounts. 14 Ground Sublessor.................................................... 18
Excess Amounts. (a) Upon completion of the Work, Tenant shall furnish Landlord with full and final waivers of liens and contractors' affidavits and statements, in such form as may be required by Landlord, Landlord's title insurance company and Landlord's construction or permanent lender, if any, from all parties performing labor or supplying materials or services in connection with the Work showing that all of said parties have been compensated in full and waiving all liens in connection with the Premises and Building. Tenant shall submit to Landlord a detailed breakdown of Tenant's total construction costs, together with such evidence of payment as is reasonably satisfactory to Landlord.
Excess Amounts. If the Company’s first phase is able to produce Net Syngas in excess of 22,000 Ncum an hour, then the Company shall offer to sell to Hai Hua all such excess synthesis gas, at the rates set out in Appendix V. If Hai Hua does not exercise that right to purchase the excess synthesis gas, the Company may sell such additional quantities to a third party, provided such additional synthesis gas shall not be sold at a price lower than the prevailing price of synthesis gas sold to Hai Hua.