Equivalents Sample Clauses

Equivalents. For purposes of the provisions of Article II, (i) the equivalent in Dollars of any Alternative Currency shall be determined by using the mean of the bid and offer quoted spot rates at which the LC Issuer’s principal office in New York, New York offers to exchange Dollars for such Alternative Currency in New York, New York at 11:00 A.M. (New York City time) on the Business Day on which such equivalent is to be determined and (ii) the equivalent in any Alternative Currency of Dollars shall be determined by using the mean of the bid and offer quoted spot rates at which the LC Issuer’s principal office in New York, New York offers to exchange such Alternative Currency for Dollars in New York, New York at 11:00 A.M. (New York City time) on the Business Day on which such equivalent is to be determined.
Equivalents. Major course evaluations are based on our traditional baccalaureate program’s major requirements. The Weekend and Evening program’s major requirements may vary from the list. All students should consult with advisors for requirement variations. • All possible lower division courses for each major are listed. Please note some majors have multiple course options for fulfilling the same degree requirement. Consult the current college catalog to determine if your specific major has “either/or” options with the courses listed below. AMERICAN STUDIES MSMU Course # MSMU Course Title LAVC Course # (Please refer to catalog for course title) BUS 4 Business Foundations & Analysis BUS 1 BUS 5/POL 5 Business Law I LAW 1 BUS 92/PHI 92 Business Ethics ENG 20 Great Works in American Literature ENGL 207 or ENGL 208 ENG 26 Literature of the American West HIS 6 American Cultural History POL 1 American Government and Institutions POL SCI 1 3 APPLIED ETHICS MSMU Course # MSMU Course Title LAVC Course # (Please refer to catalog for course title) PHI 5 Introduction to Logic PHILOS 6 PHI 10 Critical Thinking PHI 15 Introduction to Philosophy PHILOS 1 PHI 16 Philosophy through Popular Culture PHI 21 Moral Values and Ethical Decisions PHILOS 20 PHI 24 Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle PHI 92 Introduction to Business Ethics ART MSMU Course # MSMU Course Title LAVC Course # (Please refer to catalog for course title) ART 1 Drawing I ART 201 ART 2 Two-Dimensional Art and Design: Global Perspectives ART 4 Painting I ART 7 Experiences in the Visual Arts ART 12 Ceramics I: Handbuilding ART 708 ART 13 Ceramics – Beginning Wheel Throwing ART 19 3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping ART 24 Wood: Material & Methods GRD 2 Two-Dimensional Design and Art: Global Perspectives GRD 15 Computer Graphics 1 GRD 19 3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping 4 BIOCHEMISTRY MSMU Course # MSMU Course Title LAVC Course # (Please refer to catalog for course title) BIO 1/L Biological Dynamics BIOLOGY 6 BIO 2/L Biological Dynamics BIOLOGY 7 CHE 1A/L General Chemistry/Lab CHEM 101 CHE 1B/L General Chemistry/Lab CHEM 102 CHE 6A/L Organic Chemistry/Lab CHEM 211 CHE 6B/L Organic Chemistry/Lab CHEM 212 CIS 2 Introduction to Programming MTH 5A Calculus I MATH 265 MTH 5B Calculus II MATH 266 MTH 38 Elements of Probability and Statistics MATH 227 PHY 1A Introductory Physics IA PHYSICS 6 PHY 1B/L Introductory Physics IB/Lab PHYSICS 7 PHY 11A Mechanics PHYSICS 37 or PHYSICS 66 PHY 11B Electricity, Magnetism and Optics PHYSICS 38 or PH...
Equivalents. Bidders must first request approval from the FSA before submitting a bid that includes an equivalent that will supplement an item on the base specification. The FSA will determine whether the proposed equivalent is equal to or exceeds the quality, design and construction than the intended replacement item in the base specification. Bidders must provide the manufacturer name and model number (or product identifier) of each equivalent when seeking approval. Complete, descriptive, technical literature should demonstrate that the equivalent conforms with specific replacement item. If the equivalent is approved, the bidder must include the supporting material in the bid submission. Bids will not be considered without this information. If a bid uses equivalents without prior approval, the bid will be deemed nonresponsive. Vendors offering alternate makes and manufacturers of vehicles or equipment that are not specifically identified in the bid, cannot publish or offer the unapproved equivalents. Offerings of this nature will cause the bid to be rejected. If such offerings are identified after the award has been granted, the offerings, specification or entire award can be removed by the FSA. When selling equivalents, vendors must disclose to the purchaser that an approved equivalent is being offered.
Equivalents. No Person has any right of first refusal, preemptive right, right of participation, or any similar right to participate in the transactions contemplated by the Transaction Documents. Except as a result of the purchase and sale of the Securities, there are no outstanding options, warrants, script rights to subscribe to, calls or commitments of any character whatsoever relating to, or securities, rights or obligations convertible into or exchangeable for, or giving any Person any right to subscribe for or acquire, any shares of Common Stock, or contracts, commitments, understandings or arrangements by which the Company or any Subsidiary is or may become bound to issue additional shares of Common Stock or Common Stock Equivalents. The issue and sale of the Securities will not obligate the Company to issue shares of Common Stock or other securities to any Person (other than the Purchasers) and will not result in a right of any holder of Company securities to adjust the exercise, conversion, exchange or reset price under such securities. All of the outstanding shares of capital stock of the Company are validly issued, fully paid and nonassessable, have been issued in compliance with all federal and state securities laws, and none of such outstanding shares was issued in violation of any preemptive rights or similar rights to subscribe for or purchase securities. No further approval or authorization of any stockholder, the Board of Directors of the Company or others is required for the issuance and sale of the Shares. There are no stockholders agreements, voting agreements or other similar agreements with respect to the Company's capital stock to which the Company is a party or, to the knowledge of the Company, between or among any of the Company's stockholders.
Equivalents. The development of a distance education course shall normally be equivalent to twice the credit value of the course but may be equivalent to a lesser amount or up to a maximum of a full workload. In all instances, a written statement of the equivalency will be provided in advance by the Dean when the work is part of assigned workload and by the Director of Continuing Education otherwise.
Equivalents. The development of a correspondence course shall be equivalent to twice the credit value of the course.
Equivalents. (1) The Administration may allow any fitting, material, appliance or apparatus to be fitted, or any other provision to be made in a ship, other than that required by the present Convention, if it is satisfied by trial thereof or otherwise that such fitting, material, appliance or apparatus, or provision, is at least as effective as that required by the Convention.
Equivalents. The name of any manufacturer mentioned in the specifications is for the purpose of establishing a minimum acceptable standard of quality desired by the City. On all items bid, the bidder shall indicate clearly the product being bid and, where applicable, shall supply catalog cuts and descriptive literature with the original copy of the bid. Equivalent products will be considered for all products unless it is specifically indicated for a particular product that no substitutions are allowed. It is the sole discretion of the City to make the determination if a product will be acceptable as an equivalent.
Equivalents. If bidder offers makes of equipment or brands of supplies other than those specified in the following bid form, they must indicate so on their bid. Specificarticle(s) of equipment/supplies shall conform in quality, design and construction with all published claims of the manufacturer. Brand Names: Catalog numbers, manufacturers’ and brand names, when listed are informational guides as to a standard of acceptable product quality level only and should not be construed as an endorsement or a product limitation of recognized and legitimate manufacturers. Bidders shall formally substantiate and verify that product(s) offered conform with or exceed quality as listed in the specifications. Bidder shall indicate on the bid form the manufacturer’s name and number if bidding other than the specified brands, and shall indicate ANY deviation from the specifications as listed. Other than specified items offered requires complete descriptive technical literature marked to indicate detail(s) conformance with specifications and MUST BE INCLUDED WITH THE BID. NO BIDS WILL BE CONSIDERED WITHOUT THIS DATA.