Ensure Sample Clauses

Ensure subject to the approval of the Master GAL or other guardian (or if applicable the Special Master), that each Structured Settlement is setup in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, including “qualified assignments” that will comply with Section 130(c) of the Internal Revenue Code, and “non-qualified assignments” that will not rely upon nor comply with Internal Revenue Code 130(c) (see P.L.R. 200836019); that all documentation necessary for the proper procurement and funding of each Structured Settlement is completed;
Ensure. (a) that access to the personal data is limited to those employees who need access to the personal data to meet HRLockers obligations under any other agreement between the Parties and this Agreement and such part or parts of the personal data as is strictly necessary for performance of that employee's duties; and (b) that all of its employees involved with the Agreed Services have committed themselves to confidentiality and are aware both of the HRLocker's duties and their personal duties and obligations under Data Protection Legislation, all other applicable laws and under this Agreement;
Ensure. Due Dates" are met (Ensure that the production plan is achieved on time)
Ensure. 1) The time a child is in transit to and from the program must not exceed one hour unless there is no shorter route available or any alternative shorter route is either unsafe or impractical; 2) Vehicles are not loaded beyond maximum passenger capacity at any time; 3) Drivers do not back up or make U-turns, except when necessary for safety reasons or because of physical barriers; 4) Stops are located to minimize traffic disruptions and to afford the driver a good field of view in front of and behind the vehicle; 5) When possible, stops are located to eliminate the need for children to cross the street or highway to board or leave the vehicle; 6) Either a bus monitor or another adult escorts children across the street to board or leave the vehicle if curbside pick-up or drop off is impossible; and, 7) Drivers use alternate routes in the case of hazardous conditions that could affect the safety of the children who are being transported, such as ice or water build up, natural gas line breaks, or emergency road closing;
Ensure. As-Built" system schematics are available.
Ensure. 3.8.1 the engine oil, hydraulic oil, coolant levels and other normal service items are regularly checked and maintained to the equipment manufacturer’s specifications in order to ensure the efficient performance of the equipment;
Ensure. Patient/ family are clear who will be responsible for monitoring and what this will entail. • Patient/ family are aware of any significant adverse effects/ events, which should be urgently reported and who these should be reported to. (GP/ specialist).
Ensure. Cayuga County shall insert the clauses of Appendix A of this assurance in every contract subject to the Act and the Regulations.
Ensure i. A customer service charter is posted and visible to employers, service providers and other community Stakeholders;
Ensure. (a) Adoption of a student code of conduct and enforcement of that code of conduct.