Ensure Sample Clauses

Ensure as to this Agreement means to make sure that something will happen or will be available within the resources identified in Exhibit A, A&R.
Ensure all water receptacles are stable, not sunken and have secure covers.
Ensure that relevant QPWS permitting officers are fully informed of Rainforest Aboriginal consultation requirements for the WTWHA and how this may impact on new applicants and existing permit holders. Directly following Regional Agreement signing, the ARC to:
Ensure the following objectives are also met during consultation:➢ Clearly outline existing permit conditions.➢ Clearly outline any earlier consultation with RainforestAboriginal people.➢ Allow people to express their grievances about current commercial activity at the site.➢ Discuss and develop a proposal for a class system for permits.➢ Mutually agree on any new condition and included in permits.➢ Outline the review process.➢ Identify and document sites that are inappropriate to receive commercial activities.
Ensure. SOE act in accordance with commercial considerations and based on non-discriminatory basis in its purchase or sale of a good or services (‘NDCC’).
Ensure that participants remain within the confines of the area assigned to the group; remain within the time schedule allocated; and, vacate the premises promptly;
Ensure that the Company respects the criteria established;