Direct Agreement Sample Clauses

Direct Agreement. 24.1 NamPower recognises that the Seller may wish to finance or refinance the Power Project through limited recourse or other financing and that the entering into of the Direct Agreement shall be a precondition to the provision of such finance. NamPower will co-operate in good faith with the Seller and its Lenders to agree and enter into such a Direct Agreement incorporating as a minimum those matters set out in n Annexure L (Provisions of Direct Agreement).
Direct Agreement. The Buyer and the Producer acknowledge that the Lenders may require entering into a direct agreement pursuant to which the parties will agree, inter alia, the terms of their mutual cooperation in case of failure by the Producer to comply with its obligations under this Agreement. Accordingly, the Buyer and the Producer undertake to negotiate in good faith with the Lenders for the purpose of entering into such direct agreement.
Direct Agreement. In the event that the Seller intends to finance the Project on a limited recourse or project finance basis, the DoE agrees that it shall enter into a Direct Agreement with the Seller, the Lenders and the Buyer.
Direct Agreement. As a substitute for a sublicense, AMGEN shall, if ORTHO so requests, enter into a separate agreement with any AFFILIATE of ORTHO granting a license in accordance with the provisions of this AGREEMENT. Such agreement shall incorporate all of the terms of this AGREEMENT to the extent that they are applicable. ORTHO shall guarantee the due and punctual performance of any and all responsibilities by the AFFILIATE under such separate agreement.
Direct Agreement. 11.1 The Landlords acknowledge that the Tenant may require funding from a bank or other financial institutions (“Funders”) to construct and/or operate and/or refinance the Supply Cables and in arranging such finance the Funders may require as a condition of the availability of that finance to enter into a direct agreement with the Landlords to cover (without limitation) the following principal matters:
Direct Agreement. GoI shall, upon a request from the Lenders, enter into a direct agreement with the Lenders substantially in the form attached as Schedule 5 to this Agreement whereby, amongst other things, GoI agrees to give prior notice of any intention it may have to exercise its rights under the Agreement, to allow such Lenders the right to cure a default on the part of HIAL, and/or to allow such Lenders under certain circumstances to substitute themselves or appoint a third party substitute with requisite eligibility and prior consent of GOI to carry out the obligations and enjoy the benefits of HIAL under the Agreement.
Direct Agreement. At MPMx's request, MPI shall use commercially reasonable efforts to enter into an agreement directly with MPMx and the Collaborative Partner with respect to the MPMx Retained Rights under a MPMx Collaboration Agreement, on such terms as shall be mutually agreeable. In addition, MPI agrees that it will contractually require each MPI Subsidiary, at MPMx's request, to use commercially reasonable efforts to enter into an agreement directly with MPMx and the Collaborative Partner with respect to the MPMx Retained Rights, on such terms as shall be mutually agreed.
Direct Agreement. The provisions set out in this Part 6 of this Agreement are subject to the Direct Agreement.
Direct Agreement. From each party thereto either (i) a counterpart of the Direct Agreement signed on behalf of such party or (ii) written evidence satisfactory to the Administrative Agent (which may include telecopy transmission of a signed signature page to the Direct Agreement) that such party has signed a counterpart of the Direct Agreement.