Describe Sample Clauses

Describe. Note: The Employer under Election 46(b)(9) may describe In-Service Distribution provisions from the elections available under Election 46 and/or a combination thereof as to any: (i) Participant group (e.g., Division A Employee Accounts are distributable at age 59 1/2 OR Accounts of Employees hired on/before “x” date are distributable at age 59 1/2). No In-Service Distributions apply to Division B Employees OR to Employees hired after “x” date.); (ii) Contribution Type (e.g., Discretionary Nonelective Contribution Accounts are distributable on Disability. Fixed Nonelective Contribution Accounts are distributable on Disability or Hardship (non-safe harbor)); and/or (iii) merged plan account now held in the Plan (e.g., The accounts from the X plan merged into this Plan continue to be distributable in accordance with the X plan terms [supply terms] and not in accordance with the terms of this Plan). An Employer’s election under Election 46(b)(9) must: (i) be objectively determinable; (ii) not be subject to Employer discretion; (iii) preserve Protected Benefits as required; (iv) be nondiscriminatory; and (v) not permit an “earlydistribution of any Restricted 401(k) Accounts or Restricted Pension Accounts. See Section 6.01(C)(4).] In-Service Distribution of other Accounts. See Section 6.01(C)(4) as to In-Service Distribution of Employee Contributions, Rollover Contributions, DECs, Transfers, and Designated IRA Contributions.
Describe specify time period, e.g., per Plan Year quarter. If not specified, the time period is the Plan Year).[Note: The Employer under Election 27(b)(3) may specify any Fixed Nonelective Contribution formula not described under Elections 27(b)(1) or (2) (e.g., For each Plan Year, 2% of net profits exceeding $50,000) and/or the Employer may describe different Fixed Nonelective Contributions as applicable to different Participant groups (e.g., A Fixed Nonelective Contribution equal to 5% of Plan Year Compensation applies to Division A Participants and a Fixed Nonelective Contribution equal to $500 per Participant each Plan Year applies to Division B Participants).]
Describe e.g., Anniversary Year as to Division A and Plan Year as to Division B.)
Describe. Note: Any allocation method the Employer elects under Election 29(b)(3)d. must be definitely determinable. See Section 4.10(D) as to targeting limitations applicable to QNEC nondiscrimination testing.]
Describe. Note: The Employer under Election 49(a)(4) may describe an alternative distribution timing or afford the Beneficiary an election which is narrower than that permitted under election 49(a)(3). However, any election under Election 49(a)(4) must require distribution to commence no later than the Section 6.02 required date.]
Describe. Note: The Employer may elect an alternative definition of Disability for purposes of Plan distributions. However, the use of an alternative definition may result in loss of favorable tax treatment of the Disability distribution.]
Describe e.g., Pro rata as to Division A Participants and Permitted Disparity (two-tiered at 100% of the SSTWB) as to Division B Participants.)