Delinquent Sample Clauses

Delinquent. Interests.- The lack of timely payment of the Services or the Various Services will cause delinquent interest over unpaid balances for all the time of the delay which will be calculated as established:
Delinquent. For reporting purposes, a Mortgage Loan is “delinquent” when any payment contractually due thereon has not been made by the close of business on the Due Date therefor. Such Mortgage Loan is “30 days Delinquent” if such payment has not been received by the close of business on the corresponding day of the month immediately succeeding the month in which such payment was first due, or, if there is no such corresponding day (e.g., as when a 30-day month follows a 31-day month in which a payment was due on the 31st day of such month), then on the last day of such immediately succeeding month. Similarly for “60 days Delinquent” and the second immediately succeeding month and “90 days Delinquent” and the third immediately succeeding month. Depositor: Structured Asset Securities Corporation, a Delaware corporation, having its principal place of business in New York, or its successors in interest.
Delinquent. Any Mortgage Loan with respect to which the Monthly Payment due on a Due Date is not made by the close of business on the next scheduled Due Date for such Mortgage Loan. Depositor: Banc of America Funding Corporation, a Delaware corporation, or its successor in interest, as depositor of the Trust Estate.
Delinquent. As to any Customer Receivable, a default thereunder (with respect to payment or otherwise) which at the end of any calendar month has remained uncured for more than ninety days (on a billed and uncollected delinquency basis), PROVIDED that during each year of the original contract term remaining on such Customer Receivable, the Borrower may (without rendering such Customer Receivable Delinquent) extend one full or partial payment for a period not to exceed one month beyond the then scheduled payment date, so long as no more than two such extensions are granted in any year.
Delinquent. The Servicer is authorized to follow such customary practices and procedures as it shall deem necessary or advisable, consistent with the standard of care required by Section 8.1, which practices and procedures may include reasonable efforts to realize upon any recourse to Dealers, selling the related Financed Vehicle at public or private sale, the submission of claims under an Insurance Policy and other actions by the Servicer in order to realize upon such Transferred Receivable. The foregoing is subject to the provision that, in any case in which the Financed Vehicle shall have suffered damage, the Servicer shall not expend funds in connection with any repair or towards the repossession of such Financed Vehicle unless it shall determine in its discretion that such repair and/or repossession shall increase the proceeds of liquidation of the related Transferred Receivable by an amount greater than the amount of such expenses. All amounts received upon liquidation of a Financed Vehicle shall be remitted directly by the Servicer to the Collection Account without deposit into any intervening account as soon as practicable, but in no event later than the Business Day after receipt thereof. The Servicer shall be entitled to recover all reasonable expenses incurred by it in the course of repossessing and liquidating a Financed Vehicle, but only out of the cash proceeds of such Financed Vehicle, any deficiency obtained from the Obligor or any amounts received from the related Dealer, which amounts may be retained by the Servicer (and shall not be required to be deposited in the Collection Account) to the extent of such expenses. The Servicer shall not be permitted to retain any such expenses in excess of the amounts specified as part of the information contained in the Servicer's Certificate delivered on the next succeeding Determination Date. The Servicer shall pay on behalf of the Borrower any personal property taxes assessed on repossessed Financed Vehicles; the Servicer shall be entitled to reimbursement of any such tax from Liquidation Proceeds with respect to such Transferred Receivable.
Delinquent. As used herein, a Mortgage Loan is considered to be: "30 to 59 days" or "30 or more days" delinquent when a payment due on any scheduled due date remains unpaid as of the close of business on the next following monthly scheduled due date; "60 to 89 days" or "60 or more days" delinquent when a payment due on any scheduled due date remains unpaid as of the close of business on the second following monthly scheduled due date; and so on. The determination as to whether a Mortgage Loan falls into these categories is made as of the close of business on the last business day of each month. For example, a Mortgage Loan with a payment due on July 1 that remained unpaid as of the close of business on August 31 would then be considered to be 30 to 59 days delinquent. Delinquency information as of the Cut-off Date is determined and prepared as of the close of business on the last business day immediately prior to the Cut-off Date.
Delinquent. 1x60 Prior 12 Months (Y/N) 62. BPO Value
Delinquent. Any Claim if, as of the Cut-Off Date, a Loan is thirty (30) days or more past due on a scheduled monthly payment and a Loan that has been thirty (30) or more days past due on any such monthly payment in the preceding twelve months.
Delinquent. On any day with respect to any Loan and any specified time period any payment, or portion thereof, due with respect thereto, has not been made by the Obligor of such loan for the specified time period from the due date of such payment. Derivatives: Any exchange-traded or over-the-counter (i) forward, future, option, swap, cap, collar, floor, foreign exchange contract, any combination thereof, whether for physical delivery or cash settlement, relating to any interest rate, interest rate index, currency, currency exchange rate, currency exchange rate index, debt instrument, debt price, debt index, depository instrument, depository price, depository index, equity instrument, equity price, equity index, commodity, commodity price or commodity index, (ii) any similar transaction, contract, instrument, undertaking or security, or (iii) any transaction, contract, instrument, undertaking or security containing any of the foregoing.