Defendant Sample Clauses

Defendant shall make a good faith effort to issue a final decision on Xx. Xxxxx’x claim, if appropriate, as soon as practicable.
Defendant. “Defendant” means BMW NA, as well as its predecessors, successors, assigns, parents, affiliates, directors, officers, agents, attorneys, representatives, and employees.
Defendant. (1) will promptly notify Respondent of any Claim and permit Respondent, using agreed counsel, to answer and defend; (2) at Respondent’s reasonable request and expense, will assist in the defense and provide non-confidential information; and (3) at its expense, may participate in the defense with separate counsel. Respondent is not responsible for settlements it does not consent to and will not settle Claims under this Section 17 without Defendant’s consent (with both partiesconsent not unreasonably withheld). Neither party will stipulate, acknowledge, or admit fault or liability on the other’s part without the other’s prior, written consent. Respondent will not publicize any settlement without Defendant’s prior written consent.
Defendant. Case No. 1:22-mj-00025 BAM APPEARANCE AND COMPLIANCE BOND Defendant’s Agreement I, XXXXX XXXXX (defendant), agree to follow every order of this court, or any court that considers this case, and I further agree that this bond may be forfeited if I fail:
Defendant. I have read or have had read to me the provisions of this agreement and I understand them. I have discussed the case and my constitutional rights with my attorney, if I have one representing me. I understand that by pleading guilty/no contest, I will be giving up the following constitutional rights: to plead not guilty; to have a trial; to confront, cross-examine, and compel the attendance of witnesses; to remain silent which is my right against self incrimination; to direct appeal of my conviction or sentence - review may be accomplished only by filing a petition for post-conviction relief pursuant to 17 A.R.S.
Defendant. 12 Formation is a Delaware Limited Liability Company. For purposes of this Agreement only, 13 Formation represents that it employs 10 or more persons and is a person in the course of doing 14 business for purposes of the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, California 15 Health & Safety Code §§ 25249.6 et seq. (“Proposition 65”).
Defendant. DATED: July 21, 2020 BY: /s/ Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx, Esq. Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary Progenity, Inc. 0000 Xx Xxxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxx 000 Xxx Xxxxx, XX 00000 DATED: July 21, 2020 BY: /s/ X. Xxxxxxx Day
Defendant. Case No. 1:16-cv-08412 (AJN) SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT AND RELEASE This Settlement Agreement and Release (“Agreement” or “Settlement Agreement,” as defined in paragraph 1.2) is made by and between the Class Plaintiffs (as defined in paragraph 1.12) on behalf of themselves and the Settlement Class (as defined in paragraph 1.48), on the one hand, and Spotify (as defined in paragraph 1.54), on the other hand. The Parties (as defined in paragraph 1.32) intend this Agreement, together with its exhibits, to fully, finally, and forever resolve, discharge, and settle the Released Claims (as defined in paragraph 1.38), subject to the terms and conditions set forth below and preliminary and final approval of the Court.
Defendant. “Defendant” shall mean the City of Xxxxxxx.