Decontamination Sample Clauses

Decontamination. Buyer shall, without cost to Siemens, perform any required decontamination and health physics necessary for, related to or resulting from Siemens performance of its contractual obligations. This includes but is not limited to decontamination of any Siemens equipment or tools used in the performance thereof. Buyer shall provide documentation demonstrating that components or parts being returned to Siemens after such decontamination meet the requirements designated for unrestricted release as set forth in the United States Code of Federal Regulations, Title 10 Part 20.
Decontamination. ‌ The City of Bloomington agrees to pay all expenses for reasonable decontamination or sterilization of the personal property of an officer and/or members of the officer’s family or household when such becomes necessary as a result of said officer’s exposure to anthrax, other biological weapon(s) or similar calamities, poison gas exposure such as to xxxxx, toxic material or substances, or radioactive exposure. The exposure(s) to such hazard(s) must be suffered by the officer while in the line of duty.
Decontamination. Upon expiration or early termination of this Lease, Tenant shall at its sole cost and expense undertake and complete a thorough wash and decontamination of those portions of the Premises that have or may have been exposed to Hazardous Materials brought into the Premises by or on behalf of Tenant, including but not limited to scrubbing of all surfaces, equipment, cabinets, fixtures and flume hood external surfaces in the Premises, in order to remove all residues of Hazardous Materials (including chemicals and biological material). Upon completion of such wash and decontamination, Tenant shall cause, at its sole cost and expense, a reputable environmental engineering company to perform an environmental inspection of the Premises and prepare a written report for delivery to Landlord and Tenant no later than thirty (30) days after Lease expiration or early termination, certifying that the Premises are free from all Hazardous Materials.
Decontamination. Except as provided hereafter, Items returned to Seller by Buyer will be decontaminated from Hazardous Materials to the degree practical, reasonable and as required by applicable law or regulation. Upon request, Buyer shall provide appropriate documentation to Seller that the returned Items have been decontaminated. If Seller is financially responsible for shipping the return Items, Seller will be responsible for their decontamination, and Buyer shall make Buyer's facilities available to Seller for the decontamination.
Decontamination. Buyer shall supply Seller with a Certificate of Decontamination along with all returned Product certifying that it is free of all toxic and biohazard materials. If no such certificate is provided, Seller may perform decontamination services as needed.
Decontamination. In the event that Contractor is required by the terms of these Terms and Conditions to repair or replace any Work, Buyer will perform any required decontamination of the facility to radiation levels required by the applicable Governmental Authorities to the extent reasonably necessary to permit access to such nuclear facility by Contractor for such repair, replacement, or re-performance. If Buyer, using installed equipment or normally available maintenance equipment, is unable to decontaminate to required levels, Contractor will perform the repair or replacement using necessary radiation protection equipment and procedures.
Decontamination. Whenever a Cylinder ***** fails to meet the requirements of Xxxxxxxxx X0-0, the Shipper of such Cylinder ***** shall reimburse the Receiver of the Cylinder ***** for the cost of cleaning and decontaminating such Cylinder. In addition, whenever a Cylinder, ***** fails to meet the requirements of Xxxxxxxxx X0-0 and as a result, a vessel, railroad car, truck or other shipping vehicle or the Receiver’s unloading area and machinery are contaminated, the Shipper of such Cylinder, ***** shall reimburse the Receiver of the ***** for the cost of cleaning and decontaminating the affected equipment or area. In all cases, the obligation to reimburse under this Xxxxxxxxx X0-0 shall apply only to the extent such cleaning and/or decontamination is necessary to protect health and safety, minimize property damage and/or meet applicable legal or regulatory requirements. The provisions of this Xxxxxxxxx X0-0 address liability for cleaning and decontamination and are without prejudice to the rights of the Receiver under other provisions of this CONTRACT and applicable law. APPENDIX E1: Sampling, Acceptance and Disagreements of Enriched Product E1-1 Certificate of Quality and Quantity; Delivery Receipt and Xxxx of Lading.
Decontamination. If, at any time during the Term, Tenant operates a chemistry laboratory in the Premises or otherwise stores or uses chemicals or hazardous materials in the Premises, then within 30 days following the expiration or sooner termination of this Lease, Tenant shall deliver to Landlord a decontamination report prepared by a qualified environmental consultant that describes in reasonable detail the Tenant’s reasonable procedures undertaken to remove the chemicals or hazardous materials from the Premises and to clean the pertinent areas of the Premises.
Decontamination. MCD shall notify MFWP immediately if mussels are detected on a watercraft. MFWP will provide specific training, protocols and contact information for mussel detection on watercraft. If MFWP law enforcement personnel are required, MCD will follow established protocols. Communications related to non-compliant mussel fouled vessels should be limited to the those outlined in established mussel detection contact protocols, plus other relevant federal or local law enforcement personnel. In the event other appropriate law enforcement personnel are contacted by MCD staff, this information will be immediately forwarded to MFWP AIS staff. Reporting Schedule & Budget: Payment - The amount of this Agreement shall not exceed $CONTRACT AMOUNT. This funding is only to be used for expenses related to the operation of the STATION Watercraft Inspection Station. Indirect costs are allowable under this Agreement. The Contractor must provide documentation of its negotiated indirect cost agreement to claim indirect cost reimbursement. Reduction of Funding. The State must by law terminate this Agreement if funds are not appropriated or otherwise made available to support the State's continuation of performance of this Agreement in a subsequent fiscal period. (18-4-313(4), MCDA.) If state or federal government funds are not appropriated or otherwise made available through the state budgeting process to support continued performance of this Agreement (whether at an initial Agreement payment level or any Agreement increases to that initial level) in subsequent fiscal periods, the State shall terminate this Agreement as required by law. The State shall provide Contractor the date the State's termination shall take effect. The State shall not be liable to Contractor for any payment that would have been payable had the Agreement not been terminated under this provision. As stated above, the State shall be liable to Contractor only for the payment, or prorated portion of that payment, owed to Contractor up to the date the State's termination takes effect. This is Contractor's sole remedy. The State shall not be liable to Contractor for any other payments or damages arising from termination under this section, including but not limited to general, special, or consequential damages such as lost profits or revenues. Financial Reporting and Billing- MCD will provide a monthly billing to MFWP that specifies the timeframe of the expenses incurred and separates and details these costs to run ...