Debt Agreements Sample Clauses

Debt Agreements. Parent shall not, and shall cause ADLI and the other members of the Parent Group not to, take any action or omit to take any action that would cause or result in an event of default under the Debt Agreements. Parent shall promptly notify Sub of any notice of default under the Debt Agreements, and agrees to use its best efforts to promptly cure such event of default and cooperate with Sub in furtherance of the foregoing.
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Debt Agreements. On the Issue Date, there shall have been delivered to the Trustee true and correct copies, certified as true and complete by an Authorized Representative of JCC Holding, of all agreements evidencing or relating to Indebtedness of JCC Holding or any of its Subsidiaries which is to remain outstanding after the Issue Date (collectively, the "Debt Agreements").
Debt Agreements. Xxxxx is coming back to see you this afternoon. You have a comprehensive file note of your discussion with her, and she has sent you a list of questions she wants to ask you this afternoon. Her essential problem is that she is financially over committed. She admits she has a spending problem. She says that she has times when she is full of confidence, optimistic, the world is her friend and nothing is a problem. Then at other times her confidence and optimism desert her, and she has trouble getting out of bed and going to work, let alone doing anything adventurous. Xxxxx is 29 years of age, single, and with no specific work qualifications, and no family responsibilities. Her questions revolve around a number of issues. The first is her work. WORK Xxxxx has been employed as a public servant since she completed school. Her department is now downsizing due to budgetary constraints, and she is eligible for a retrenchment package of $55,000 which is her annual salary. She find it difficult to decide whether or not to accept that offer. The lump sum would be enough to pay off her credit cards, but she would miss the regular salary, and would be entirely dependent on her other job at the gym. THE GYM Xxxxx has part-time work at her local gym. She is officially classified as an instructor, but her main task is to sign up new members. She gets a commission for each new member she signs up, and sometimes the commissions have been enough to help her pay all her bills. However, when they haven’t she has had to rely on her credit cards to pay her rent.
Debt Agreements. Schedule V is a complete and correct list of each credit agreement, loan agreement, indenture, purchase agreement, guarantee, letter of credit or other arrangement providing for or otherwise relating to any Indebtedness or any extension of credit (or commitment for any extension of credit) to, or guarantee by, the Company or any of its Subsidiaries outstanding on the date hereof, and the aggregate principal amount outstanding or that may become outstanding under the then current terms of each such arrangement is as of the date hereof correctly described in Schedule V.
Debt Agreements. Each of the Debt Agreements shall be amended, effective as of the Closing, as reflected on Schedule 6.18(a) and Schedule 6.18(b). Table of Contents
Debt Agreements. The Investors hereby agree not to enter into at any time from the date hereof until the termination of this Agreement, any agreements with any third party whereby the Investors' existing credit extensions to the Company are converted into equity securities of the Company without the written consent of each of the Stockholders.
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Debt Agreements. None of the CLMT Entities is in breach or default under any Debt Agreement, and to CLMT’ Knowledge, no other Person that is a party thereto is in breach or default under any Debt Agreement. No event has occurred, to CLMT’s knowledge, which after notice or lapse of time, or both, would constitute a default under any Debt Agreement and no written notice of default or breach has been received or delivered by any CLMT Entity under any Debt Agreement, the resolution of which is outstanding as of the date hereof.
Debt Agreements. 23 5.06 Consummation of the Synthetic Lease Financing.................23 5.07 Refinancing...................................................24 5.08
Debt Agreements. (hh) Underwriting Agreement, dated as of the date hereof, by and among the Representatives (as defined therein), Xxxx Las Vegas and Wynn Las Vegas Capital Corp. ("Capital Corp.") with respect to the second mortgage notes (the "Notes") of Xxxx Las Vegas and Capital Corp. (the "Debt Underwriting Agreement"); Governing Documents
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