Damaged Sample Clauses

Damaged. Inventory that is damaged or unfit for sale;
Damaged. Inventory that is damaged, defective or unfit for sale;
Damaged. Inventory that is damaged or unfit for sale or use;
Damaged. Inventory that is damaged or unfit for sale or with an expiration date within six (6) months;
Damaged. (c) Protection inadequate. (d) Dust protection covers missing, damaged, loose.
Damaged. (e) Reservoir damaged, leaking, incorrect fluid level. (f) Leads damaged, corroded.
Damaged. Inventory that is damaged or unfit for sale or use in the Ordinary Course of Business;
Damaged. The rent shall not be increased as a result of restoration costs paid by Landlord for uninsured loss in excess of ten percent (10%) of the then replacement cost of the Building(s) damaged.
Damaged. The item is damaged beyond normal wear and tear and an explanation may be detailed in the Exceptions or Comments area. Tenant agrees to accept this item in its current condition for the duration of the lease in return for the negotiated rental rate outlined in this lease document. The tenant will not be held responsible for existing damaged items as outlined above, but will be responsible for any damage beyond the item’s existing condition, normal wear and tear excepted. NA: Not applicable. Move-in Balance Payoff Schedule Addendum Lessor agrees to allow Lessee to move in to the unit specified in this lease with the understanding that said Lessee has fully paid the required security deposit and shall pay off the balance of their initial rent payment which is $«Date1». Said amount shall be paid in equal monthly installments of $ «Installment» which shall be due on the following dates: Amount Due Date «Installment» «Date1» «Installment» «Date2» «Installment» «Date1» «Installment» «Date2» If Lessee fails to make said payments when due, the Lessor and/or its Agent shall post a 3 day notice and begin eviction proceedings, as prescribed by law, at Lessee’s expense. Mortgage or New Apartment Verification Addendum Lessee understands that if Lessor receives a request for verification of residency from a mortgage lender or potential new landlord that the Lessor charges a nominal processing fee ($100.00) for this type of verification. Upon Receipt of the processing fee, LESSOR will provide the information requested. Parking Addendum This is to confirm my understanding that parking at my property, if existing, is available under certain terms unique to each property. I understand that Parking charges for parking in and on the property are generally extra. If no such charges are noted herein, then I must make arrangements with the office to pay for parking and note same in this lease in order to park on the property or in the alternative, use street side public parking adjacent and near to Lessee’s building. Unless otherwise stipulated parking is the LESSEE’s responsibility and as such Lessee must make arrangement with the City of Miami Beach or any other applicable government authority for parking decals or permits. It is expressly understood and acknowledged by tenant that the owners of the property and/or Management shall not bear any responsibility whatsoever for any damage to any vehicle in, on or around our property. Further, tenant expressly agrees to purchase in...
Damaged. Non-uniformed Police Officers in the unit covered by this Agreement shall be compensated for clothing actually damaged or destroyed while in the course of their duties and as a result of carrying out same.