Creating Sample Clauses

Creating more job security where there is a lack of job security, thereby increasing satisfaction as regards the agency worker’s job (security) and income.
Creating a flood pool buffer in New Bullards Bar Reservoir to avoid unnecessary flood- control releases operations during a typical storm for that time of the year.
Creating transparency As a prerequisite for the implementation of precautionary measures in the context of human rights, specified in section III.1 above, the Partner establishes transparency in its supply chain using internal processes in order to identify risks related to human rights and to be able to inciate corresponding counter measures and control measures if necessary. The Partner must follow the specifications of the respective relevant OECD Guiding principles and Concepts. As part of supplying the products or providing the services, the Partner must in case of a risk-based necessity facilitate the inspection and auditing of its suppliers and their sub-suppliers by MBCZ or by a third party commissioned by MBCZ. The Partner must identify „noded“ critical for human rights (such as mines, smelting plants and rafineries). The Partner must inform MBCZ upon request about such „nodes“ critical for human rights (company and production location of the „node“). MBCZ is obligated to the UN Guinding Principles for Business and Human Rights and strives to publishing such „nodes“ of the MBCZ supply chain critical for human rights; the Partner consents to support this objective.
Creating. Unit members who provide Traditional and Tier 1 professional development on behalf of the District will be compensated for their preparation time at a rate equal to the current professional development rate plus twenty percent (20%). This formula will not be applied if time is provided during their normal workday. Paid preparation will be provided as follows: • First presentation of a new program: twice the presentation time • First presentation of an existing program: 4/3 the presentation time • Repeat presentations: 2/3 the presentation time • If co-presenters, the preparation time will be divided equally. If a co-presenter is presenting a program for the first time, they will receive twice as much preparation time as a co-presenter who has previously presented the program.
Creating assuming or incurring any debt, including Shareholder debt, other than credit facilities obtained by the Corporation from a Canadian chartered bank or other reputable financial institution in an amount not exceeding $10,000, or such greater or lesser amount as is contemplated by an Initial Business Plan.
Creating and maintaining a schedule of key dates and deadlines in relation to the Project, including dates of PPA termination, recommended PPA renewal schedules, insurance termination dates, any dates for the filing of documents or information with an applicable authority.
Creating a Contract
Creating a “closed loopfeedback system between our customers, technical support, and software developers to allow for a lightning-fast problem resolution process. It is very common for our customers, tech support personnel, and software developers to be on conference calls together so we completely understand the problem at hand. This allows us to quickly and efficiently solve any problems.
Creating acquiring or disposing of any subsidiary or of any shares in any subsidiary or acquiring, purchasing or subscribing for any shares, debentures, mortgages or securities (or any interest therein) in or of any person or entering into any partnership or profit sharing agreement with any person.