Copyright Protection Sample Clauses

Copyright Protection. Licensee recognizes the importance to Licensor of preserving copyright protection and registrations therefor on the Properties and all works relating to the Properties, including new works and derivative works ("Copyrights"), and the importance of securing copyright protection for the products and Advertising Materials which constitute "new works" or derivative works" for copyright law purposes, and for all reproductions of the Properties which appear on the Products or in the Advertising Materials. Therefore, Licensee's license to manufacture, distribute and sell products and to display Advertising Materials is expressly conditioned upon Licensee's agreeing to place a copyright notice(s) in the name(s) specified by Licensor on all Products and Advertising Materials. Licensee agrees that it will not affix to the Products or the Advertising Materials any other copyright notice in its name or the name of any other person, firm, or corporation, except as may be reasonable approved by Licensor. Licensee acknowledges that proper copyright notices must be permanently affixed to all products and Advertising Materials and to any portions of products or Advertising Materials intended to be used separately by the ultimate purchaser or user. Such notices will be sufficient in size, legibility, form, location, and permanency to comply with both the United States copyright laws and also the copyright notice requirements of the Universal Copyright Convention.
Copyright Protection. In order to protect against infringement of a party’s copyrights or of Joint Copyrights, the parties shall cooperate to apply an appropriate copyright mark to all materials identified by each of the parties as copyrightable materials that are created in the course of the Collaboration. Each party shall cooperate with the other party, take such actions and execute such documents, as reasonably requested by the other party and at the other party’s expense, to assist the other party in the protection of the other party’s copyrights. Each party hereby covenants to take no action or make no omission which would constitute an infringement of the other party’s claim of copyright protection with respect to such items. Any dispute as to which party owns a copyright shall be resolved pursuant to Article 9. Each party hereby assigns any such right, title and interest that it may have to the other party to effect the foregoing allocation of ownership rights and, for such purpose, it shall execute such documents, including assignment agreements and take such steps as reasonably requested by the other party.
Copyright Protection. 1. Without the permission from party A, if party B copy, pirate or change the product contents provided by party A and once it is confirmed, party B shall pay the reparation (RMB1,000,000) and also take the legal responsibility, and the contract will be terminated. 2. It is Party B’s responsibility to report the pirated products in its distribution area. 80% of the reparation should be given to party B as the reward after the deduction of the investigation cost 3. Without the permission from party A, party B is not allowed to do audio and video recording during the training course. If party B needs audio and video information, party A will do the audio and video recording and sell to party B with cost price. This is to protect party A’s copyright. 9. Confidential information Both Parties shall not disclose the business secrets obtained from the implementation of this agreement, and only use them for this agreement.
Copyright Protection. Purchaser acknowledges the validity of the Copyrights in any and all written material and/or packaging to which the Company has filed a claim for copyright protection. Additionally, Purchaser recognizes the Company’s exclusive right to seek copyright protection for and/or the registration of copyright of any translation of any and all sales literature, promotional or descriptive material furnished to Purchaser by Company.
Copyright Protection. Licensee shall use its best efforts to assure that its employees do not engage in the unauthorized duplication, reproduction, or copying of the Licensed Content. Licensee shall ensure that the copyright notice is visible on the Licensed Content and that its employees are advised of the terms and conditions of use under this Agreement.
Copyright Protection. Licensee shall use its best efforts to assure that its employees/students do not engage in the unauthorized duplication, reproduction or copying of the Licensed Package version. Licensee shall ensure that any extant copyright notice is visible on their intranet or other media transmission and that its employees/students are advised of the terms and conditions of use under this Agreement.
Copyright Protection. The Software is owned by CyberCash, Inc. and/or its vendors and is subject to protection under the copyright, patent and trademark laws of the United States and other countries. You may not remove any of the copyright notices, CyberCash identifiers, or other proprietary labels, or modify, reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble the binary components of the Software, or assign or transfer your rights under this License.
Copyright Protection. (a) Agency acknowledges that the Data is the intellectual property of Jackson County and is protected by United States Copyright law. Agency acknowledges and agrees that Jackson County is the sole owner of the copyright interest in the Data. (b) To the extent that any software or hardware is a part of the electronic storage medium on which the Data is stored, or transmitted, Jackson County claims no copyright interest, or assignable licenses. Agency represents that it will abide by all copyright or licenses agreements affecting or arising out of use of the electronic transfer format, and if necessary, obtain all licenses or other permission necessary to the use of such storage medium or electronic transfer format.